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In the last piece, we learned the common materials and features of flame retardant corrugated hose. While in this piece, let me introduce you the general applications of the flame retardant plastic corrugated hose.

Power cable

Corrugated pipe widely serves in power cables. It mainly play the role of electrical insulation of connectors, rust and corrosion prevention of solder joints, mechanical protection and harness protection. It can protect wires and cables from the influence of the external environment. Such as mechanical damage, corrosion, ultraviolet rays, etc. Then this can prolong the service life of wires and cables.

wire protection cover

Communication industry

In such field, flame retardant corrugated pipe is mainly used to protect communication lines and equipment. Such as optical fiber cable, network switch, router, etc. It can prevent problems such as line breakage and aging. Then this ensures a stable and reliable communication.

Automobile manufacturing

In auto industry, flame retardant hose is to protect automobile wiring harness, sensor, actuator and other components. It can prevent the vibration and friction generated by the car during driving from damaging the wiring harness. Therefore, this ensures the car safe and reliable.

flame retardant corrugated hose


The requirements for materials in the aerospace field are extremely high. While flame retardant corrugated pipe has become an important component due to its excellent performance. For example, in the rocket engine nozzle and aircraft engine, such flexible plastic hose plays a key role.

Flame retardant corrugated hose is a high performance fireproof material. With its excellent flame retardant property, compressive strength and convenient installation method, it shows great application potential in many fields.

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