OrientFlex Is Your Reliable Supplier of Auto Hoses

Established in 2006, OrientFlex has over 15 years’ produce and export experience. As a professional supplier of hoses, OrientFlex produces all kinds of Auto Hoses including two series: Auto Silicone Hose and Auto Rubber Hose.

Auto Silicone Hoses include Silicone Heater Hose, OEM Silicone Hose, Silicone Elbow Hose, Silicone Hump Hose and Silicone Meter Hose.

Auto Rubber Maintenance Hoses include EPDM Radiator Hose, Oil Cooler Hose, Power Steering Hose, Rubber Air Conditioner Hose, Rubber Brake Hose SAE J1401, Rubber Brake Hose SAE J1402, Rubber Fuel Hose SAE J30R6 and Rubber Heat Hose SAE J20R3.

We produce standard Auto Hoses and we can also customize according to your requirements.

Auto Silicone Hose Products

Auto Rubber Hose Products

Advantages of OrientFlex

  • Over 10 years’ experience in foreign trading and export
  • Advanced equipment and produce technology
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Professional sale, after sale and support team
  • Competitive price
  • One-stop service
  • High quality products
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, FDA, Reach and other certificates
  • Several terms of payment convenient and flexible
  • Develop rapidly
  • High capacity of anti-risk
  • Wide business relationship all over the world
  • Strong factory
  • One-stop Servic

    We have built close relationships with the relevant products supplier such as connector, camlock, clamps and couplings. Except the 10 series of hoses, we can help you purchase hose fittings with high quality and low price, and we can provide you the hose assembly as well. We responsible for the quality of fittings and assemblies.

    According to your procurement requirements, we provide one-stop service for foreign clients, especially the wholesaler and retailer who runs many kinds of products. Except our hoses products, we can help you purchase relevant fittings such as hydraulic hose connectors, quick couplings, camlocks and protection sleeves.

    OrientFlex provides the best products and service, and develop together with our clients and achieve the mutual benefits.

    Good reputation from all over the world

    Adhering the mutual benefits principle, OrientFlex received good reputation from our clients all over the world in the past 15 years for its excellent service, high quality products and competitive price.

    Some clients said our products look nice, some clients said our product is high quality, some clients said our service is great, some clients said our sale managers are professional, some clients said our samples are really nice, some clients said our products meet their requirements well. Even some clients praise our products after several year that our products are durable and reliable. In a word, we received praises even everyday.

    Your praise is not only the recognition to us, but also the power for us to forward, to improve and to pursue higher goals.

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    Auto Hose FAQ

    Of course not, though there are all made from synthetic rubber. Each of the auto hoses is used as special parts, for example, EPDM radiator hose should be bend to fit property between the radiator and whatever it lead to, while some hoses are straight.

    In another way, some of the hoses are made from silicone while others made from synthetic rubber. They are quite different materials with different property and function.

    Worse more, if you use a wrong hose in your car, it will be harmful to your cars and even cause parts broken. It’s dangerous when driving your car.

    Both of the upper and lower radiator hose are the largest hoses in the cooling system connected to the engine. While the heater hoses are smaller hoses that attached to the heater core to supply warmth from the cabin to passenger.

    No, no no. The important thing should be repeat for 3 times. Any fuel and oil will cause bad effect on the radiator hose, because fuel will soften and swell the hose.

    Silicone hose is a good choice for heating, ventilation, air condition system and accompanying ducting system. These hoses can be used in a wide temperature range and they are reliable in high temperature condition.

    Compared with EPDM, silicone radiator hose has superior flexibility. It remain such flexibility through the whole lifespan, which the EPDM can’t reach to. This reduce the risk that your hose will tear, split, hard and become dry rotted.

    Besides, silicone is much more resistant to heat than EPDM. The silicone auto hose can work in the temperature up to 220℃, while the rubber hose can just used up to 120℃. That means silicone radiator hose can transfer much higher temperature fluids than EPDM radiator hose.

    Silicone radiator hose has many advantage, but that not means that EPDM radiator is nothing. In normal conditions, EPDM radiator hose is enough to transfer common fluids. And EPDM is much cheaper than silicone. That means you can do the same work with much lower cost.

    The auto silicone hose is suitable for cars because of the following advantages.

    1.Silicone hose is oil and aging resistant and high and low pressure resistant

    2.Less odor and will not harm to human

    3.Tearing resistant, abrasion resistant, flame retardant and eco-friendly

    4.Ozone resistant, acid and alkali resistant.

    5.Performance reliable

    6.Excellent electrical insulating