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The difference between single jacket and double jacket fire hose can be very important for your projects and applications. If you are new to hose, you may be surprised to learn that although there are some properties that make these hoses unique, they are constructed similarly.

Single jacket hose and double jacket hose have the same components. While they are the liner and the jacket. The liner of modern fire hoses is a layer of EPDM rubber. The properties of EPDM rubber are that it lines and runs through the jacket. Of course, the liner can be other materials like PVC, rubber and PU.

rubber fire hose

They are then subjected to a steam vulcanization process that bonds the jacket to the liner. Woven jackets consist of ring-spun polyester yarn that is processed to resist mold and mildew. These jackets are woven on large circular looms. These looms are based on the size of the fire hose that will be made.

The jacket gives the hose its strength and pressure rating. Most jacketed hoses are white. But there are a variety of colors available. To achieve the coloring, the jacket is impregnated with dye. The difference between a jacketed and double jacket fire hose is the number of polyester jackets.

fire fighter hose

Double jacket hoses have an extra layer than single jackets. So it is protected from burns, abrasions, and other damage. As a result, it has a service life several times longer than a single jacket.

However, if you don’t use the hose for heavy-duty use, you can choose an single jacket hose. Because single jacket hose is more affordable. It is also a bit lighter, which is important in situations where you carry the hose. For this reason, single jacket hose is ideal for forestry and wildfires.

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