Materials for Natural Gas Hose

Materials for Natural Gas Hose

Nowadays, most of the cities construct natural gas pipeline intensively. Because natural gas is a kind of clean energy and much cheaper than oil, it has been the main household energy. Especially recent years people pay more attention to the low-carbon life. The natural gas supply system is always pipelines, but the household is to use a hose to connect the gas line and the stove. Then how many hoses are suitable for natural gas? Let's see next.

Household natural gas hose

Generally, household natural gas hose absorbs high quality PVC. Thus it's soft and full of elasticity. High quality material offers it great pressure, weather and corrosion resistance. Besides, it has great bending ability and will not distort. Most important, it's safe and reliable.

Plastic and aluminium composite hose

The composite hose consists of PVC inner tube, aluminium pipe mid layer and PVC outer tube. The aluminium stick with hot melt glue and it composite to one pipe with special machine and process method.

gas hose

Cr 40 seamless steel pipe

Cr 40 is a economical material to transfer fluids like petroleum, natural gas and water. Compared with other steel pipes, Cr 40 is light in weight. But the bending and twist resistant strengths are the same.

Gas Metal hose

Metal hose, especially stainless steel hose is to replace steel pipes, zinc coated pipe and other metal pipes. This new hose is easy to install with excellent flexibility and sealing. More important, it has much longer service life and it's safe. Therefore, you never have to worry about the rust and leakage problem.

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