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An air pump generally refers to a motor control that drives air or other gaseous media to move. It is a device that converts the energy output by the prime mover into the pressure energy of air or other gaseous media. Its main function is to exhaust gas from a closed space or draw air or gas from a closed space.

air compressor air hose

Key performance indicators of air pump hose

Pressure resistant

The air pump hose should have high pressure resistance. Because the the deliver is depend on pressure. A high pressure hose can remain stable and leak-proof during use.

Wear resistant

The inner layer material of the air hose should have good wear resistance. Because this can prevent damage to the inside of the air pump.

High tensile strength

The air pump pipe should have high tensile strength. It can withstand a certain degree of external force pulling.


High quality air pump connection hose should have good airtightness to ensure that gas does not leak. Because once the air leaks, the pressure inside the tube will reduce suddenly. Then the air will not be able to be delivered.

rubber air hose

Applicable temperature range

Select a suitable temperature range according to the usage scenario. Only this can ensure that the air pump hose can work normally at different temps.

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