Air Hose

Air Hose

OrientFlex Supply All Kinds of Air Hose

As a professional supplier of silicone hoses, OrientFlex produce all kinds of Air hoses and fittings, including Reinforced Air Hose, Jackhammer Air Hose, Wire Reinforced Air Hose, Multi-purpose Air Hose, Hot Air Blower Hose and Aeration Hose. We have certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We produce standard Air Hose and we can also customize according to your requirement.

Air Hose Products

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  • 10 years experience in foreign trade
  • High quality Air hose products
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Competitive price and best service
  • Professional sale and after sale team
  • Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Besides Air Hose, OrientFlex also provides all kinds of Rubber Hoses such as rubber brake hose and rubber fuel hose; PVC Hoses such as PVC garden hose and PVC suction hose; Silicone Hose such as silicone braided hose and OEM silicone hose; Hydraulic Hose; Pneumatic Hose; Layflat Hose and Special Hose.

    If you need Air Hose, Silicone, PVC and Rubber Hoses, inquire now!

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    Consultation and Answer

    1.Answer customers questions: For any questions you may have about OrientFlex, our rubber and plastic hoses, or our services, our sales staff will respond via phone or email in a timely manner with your answer.

    2.Technical guidance: Based on your technical requirements and product usage, we'll help you find the best solutions for your needs.

    3.Product recommendation: With our wide range of rubber and plastic products, we can recommend several options for customers based on their need, environment, quantity, and other considerations. We can also work to provide customized products.

    4.Design drawings: We custom design drawings for products based on your technical requirements.

    Calculate the quotation: Before purchasing, we'll send you a quote based on your quantity and materials.

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    Air Hose FAQ

    It’s nitrile & styrene butadiene synthetic rubber or thermoplastic rubber. The material could be customized according to your require.

    It’s could be red, yellow, black or other color according to your request.

    Typically, it’s 100 feet a roll. But some of the air hose could be 200 feet or 300 feet a roll.

    Normally the temperature is between -30℃ and 80℃. But different hoses may be a little different. The aeration hose is cold resistant and the temperature can be as low as -40℃. While the hot air blower hose is high temperature resistant and the temperature can be reached to 150℃.

    Air hoses can supply power to cylinders and vacuum pumps as well as funnel compressed air to jackhammers, staplers and impact tools. They can be used to supply air, oil and medium grade fuel in construction and shipyard. They can also be used in areas of agriculture, mining and drilling. For the Aeration Hose, it can be used in fishery.

    The hybrid blend of polyurethane, PVC and rubber make hybrid air hose much more flexible and durable. Hybrid air hose is kink resistant and high pressure resistant.

    Air hose is a device to deliver air to product such as air tool and air compressor. Many mechanic tools are tethered to pneumatic compressor with air hose. Air hose are often used with different air tools, which required compressed air to operate.

    Leak will happened due to oversized, undersized, parts broken and incorrect installation.

    PVC air hose is the most economical choose and it’s also durable and abrasion resistant. But it doesn’t have good performance in low temperature condition.

    Rubber air hose is more flexible, durable. Besides, it is also resistant to kink and oil. Some of rubber hoses can work in very low and very high temperature.

    Both of PVC and rubber air hose have its advantage and disadvantage, you can choose according to your require.

    The length of your air hose will directly affect the performance of air tools. Other elements aside, the longer the hose from your compressor o your tool, the more pressure will be lost on route.

    The performance will be affected differently depending on the tool. Impact wrenches would suffer more than pneumatic nailers which have an air chamber.

    As in a wire, there is resistance to flow in an air hose. The speed of air flow through a hose is limited by how much volume per second the air can be refilled by the reservoir supplying it and the diameter of the hose. This is measured in cubic feet per minute. The more smaller and longer the hose is, the more limits will be.

    So a longer hose hurt the performance of air tools.

    The hose size is just what it is. You can’t change it. But you can enlarge 3/8’’ to 1/2’’ with a suitable adapter and reduce 1/2’’ to 3/8’’ with another suitable adapter.

    1.Work in a higher pressure than it is designed

    2.Exposure to elements

    3.Too close to heat resource


    It’s a good idea to use Teflon tape on the threaded fittings. However, you don’t have to use sealant on quick connect parts. These are designed to seal by using internal o-rings.

    We provide coupling. A male thread would screw in to a female thread, while a male quick release would plug into a female quick release. So you can connect two air hose with a coupling.

    When cutting air hose, you can use a hose cutter or a sharp knife. A clean and square cut will not cause leak. Be aware that don’t cut the air hose with wire cutter or scissors because these tools may flatten or crimp the air hose, causing leak around the o-ring seal inside the fittings.

    First, turn off the power of air compressor.

    Second, if hose still connected, expel all the air and release the pressure in hose.

    Third, look the gauge to make sure there is no air in the hose

    Last, unscrew the fittings and remove the hose from air compressor.

    People always use small diameter or short hose pipe to increase the pressure. This is not the truth because they confuse the flow rate with pressure. If you use large size air hose, the flow rate will be increase, but the pressure will not change.