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As a professional supplier of hoses, OrientFlex produces all kinds of Layflat Hoses and fittings, including PVC Layflat Hose, TPU Layflat Hose, TPU Drag Hose, Rubber Layflat Discharge Hose, Heavy Duty Layflat Discharge Hose, Rubber Compressed Air Hose, Rubber Lining Layflat Hose, Double Jacket Layflat Fire Hose, PVC Lining Layflat Hose, PU Lining Layflat Fire Hose and Rubber/PVC Lining Layflat Hose. With the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we produce standard Layflat Hose and we can also customize according to your requirement.

Layflat Hose Products

Advantages of OrientFlex

  • Over 10 years’ experience in foreign trading and export
  • Advanced equipment and produce technology
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Professional sale, after sale and support team
  • Competitive price
  • One-stop service
  • High quality products
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, FDA, Reach and other certificates
  • Several terms of payment convenient and flexible
  • Develop rapidly
  • High capacity of anti-risk
  • Wide business relationship all over the world
  • Strong factory
  • One-stop Servic

    We have built close relationships with the relevant products supplier such as connector, camlock, clamps and couplings. Except the 10 series of hoses, we can help you purchase hose fittings with high quality and low price, and we can provide you the hose assembly as well. We responsible for the quality of fittings and assemblies.

    According to your procurement requirements, we provide one-stop service for foreign clients, especially the wholesaler and retailer who runs many kinds of products. Except our hoses products, we can help you purchase relevant fittings such as hydraulic hose connectors, quick couplings, camlocks and protection sleeves.

    OrientFlex provides the best products and service, and develop together with our clients and achieve the mutual benefits.

    Good reputation from all over the world

    Adhering the mutual benefits principle, OrientFlex received good reputation from our clients all over the world in the past 15 years for its excellent service, high quality products and competitive price.

    Some clients said our products look nice, some clients said our product is high quality, some clients said our service is great, some clients said our sale managers are professional, some clients said our samples are really nice, some clients said our products meet their requirements well. Even some clients praise our products after several year that our products are durable and reliable. In a word, we received praises even everyday.

    Your praise is not only the recognition to us, but also the power for us to forward, to improve and to pursue higher goals.

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    Layflat Hose FAQ

    A layflat hose is a reinforced PVC hose which can collapse upon itself for storage purposes. These types of hoses are primarily used for irrigation and water supply. Besides, the layflat hose are also used in industries for its flexible and light weight.

    The hose can be made from pvc, PU, TPU and synthetic rubber.

    Layflat hose is used to deliver water in agricultural irrigation, water pump, mining, chemical industry, shipping, petroleum, and fire fighting.

    Light Weight-being made from PVC, the hose is light weight even it’s durable and strong, which means it’s easy to handle.

    Flexible-the layflat hose can be made from PVC, TPU, PU or synthetic rubber, and these materials provide high flexibility. That means it is easy to compress and store the hose.

    Oil and Kinking Resistance-unique woven structure make the hose resist kinking stretching and twisting. Ribbed cover surface prevent the oil sticking.

    Abrasion Resistant-the one or two layers of polyester jacket cover makes the hose resist abrasion. It can be used in heavy duty applications.

    You should clean and the hose first after use it. If it is lined hose, you should hang and sun it. Then store the hose in cool and dry place.
    Layflat hose is designed to transfer water and it can’t be used for suction.

    They are quite different layflat hoses in the following parts.

    Material-agricultural layflat hose us made from PVC or TPU, while the fire hose is usually made from synthetic rubber or polyurethane and reinforced with polyester jacket.

    Usage-agricultural layflat hose is used to transfer water and fertilizer, while the fire layflat hose is used to deliver high pressure water, foam and other flame retardant materials.

    Application-agricultural layflat hose is used for irrigation system in agriculture, while the fire layflat hose can be used for fire fighting in fire fighting system, shipment, petroleum, chemical industry and mining.

    Pressure-the agriculture layflat hose is used in light duty with a low pressure. While the fire layflat hose is used to deliver high pressure water, so the working pressure is much higher than agriculture hose.