PVC Intake Suction Hose
PVC Intake Suction Hose
  • PVC Intake Suction Hose
  • PVC Intake Suction Hose
  • PVC Intake Suction Hose

PVC Intake Suction Hose

  • Tube: High quality pvc with rigid pvc helix
  • Reinforcement: Internally wire-reinforced to prevent collapse
  • Temperature: -20℃ to +65℃( -4˚F to 150˚F)
  • Application: PVC intake suction hose is designed for heavy vacuuming of material. High vacuum rating is for heavy duty suction, conveying dry & wet granule materials in construction & pumping industries, fishery and other industries.

PVC Intake Hose is internally wire-reinforced to prevent collapse. Smooth inside wall delivers maximum flow with reduced turbulence. The suction hose maintains high flexibility even in extreme temperatures. It has as much as 24% tighter bend radius to deliver nonrigid movement.

This reinforced PVC intake hose has long working life due to the high UV inhibitors in the manufacturing process. You can clearly see the water movement and debris that may be inducted during intake and pump discharge.

PVC Intake Hose Characteristics

Designed to perform with full vacuum rating

Corrugated rigid spiral helix reinforcement

Abrasion resistant

PVC Intake Hose Specification

Item Code ID OD Thickness WP BR Vacuum L Weight Dimension Volume
inch mm mm mm bar pai mm mmHg m kg/m D*H m³/roll
PITH200 8 203.2 227.2 12 2.5 40 1000 750 12 8.5 1200*230 0.640
PITH250 10 254.0 282.0 14 2.5 40 1200 750 12 13.0 1200*285 1.010
PITH300 12 304.8 334.8 15 2.0 30 1400 750 12 16.0 1200*340 1.390

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