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Tank trucks are usually used to transport liquids or bulk materials, and they often need to be cleaned to maintain hygiene and safety. When cleaning a tank truck, use a hose to connect the water source and cleaning agent, and insert it into the tank truck for cleaning. Common ways to clean tank truck hoses include high-pressure water washing, spraying cleaning agents, etc.

Tank Cleaning Hose

Performance requirements for tank truck cleaning hoses

1. Able to withstand a certain working pressure to ensure that it is not easily damaged during use.

2. For different cleaning media, it has corresponding corrosion resistance.

3. Under frequent use, it can still maintain a long service life.

4. Moderate softness, easy to operate, and easy to clean and maintain.

5. The material is non-toxic, non-polluting, and meets relevant industry standards.

Precautions for purchasing cleaning hoses

Choose materials according to actual needs

Cleaning hoses of different materials are suitable for different occasions. Therefore, you should choose according to your own needs when purchasing.

Pay attention to product specifications and performance parameters

When purchasing, you should understand the product specifications, working pressure, corrosion resistance and other parameters in detail to ensure that you purchase products that meet the requirements.

Consider brand and after-sales service

Choose well-known brands and suppliers with good after-sales service to ensure product quality and safety.

Pressure test

Perform a pressure test at the purchase site to ensure that the cleaning hose can withstand the required working pressure.

Check appearance and material

Observe whether the surface of the cleaning hose is smooth and has no obvious defects. In addition, check whether the material meets the relevant standards.

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