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The aging of rubber is as natural as the aging of people, and it is an inevitable phenomenon. However, innovative production skill, suitable storage and reasonable usage can delay the aging of rubber. Then what can we do to deal with such problem?

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Solution for the rubber hose aging

Taking rubber compound and rubber hose products as an example, antioxidants are added to the rubber compound during the production process. This makes the finished rubber compound have properties such as anti-oxidation, ozone resistance, and flex crack resistance. The rubber compound produced according to the plan is transferred to the rubber hose production workshop for use in the shortest time. This reduces the aging caused by factors such as transportation and storage. In the storage process, modern hose warehouses also provide a cool, and safe storage space for rubber hose products.

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Orientflex provides you a new hose product

In order to further solve the problem of rubber aging, we creatively apply UPE film to the inner and outer layers of rubber pipes to form an isolation layer. This method completely eliminates aging factors such as oxidation, ozone, acid, alkali, salt solvents, insects and microorganisms. UPE rubber-plastic composite hoses greatly extend the storage and service life of rubber hoses. At the same time, the replacement frequency of hoses is reduced. While retaining the features of rubber hoses such as softness and high pressure resistance, the hose is also suitable for the transportation of special media such as acid and alkali solvents and abrasive materials.

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