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CIP and SIP cleaning of food-grade hoses are common cleaning methods in the food industry. It aims to ensure the safety and quality of food.

Make a cleaning plan

According to the characteristics of food-grade hoses, a reasonable cleaning plan needs to be formulated. The cleaning plan should include aspects such as cleaning frequency, selection of cleaning agents, and cleaning methods. While ensuring the cleaning effect, reduce the impact on the environment.

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Choose a suitable cleaning agent

The selection of cleaning agents is the key to CIP and SIP cleaning. Cleaning agents should have strong decontamination ability. Besides, they should be harmless to the human body and the environment. Common cleaning agents on the market currently include alkaline cleaning agent, acidic cleaning agent, surfactant, etc.

Cleaning process control

During the cleaning process, company needs to strictly control cleaning parameters. Such as cleaning solution concentration, cleaning temperature, cleaning time, etc. This is to ensure the cleaning effect. At the same time, company also needs to strengthen the maintenance of cleaning equipment. While this can ensure the normal operation.

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Evaluation of cleaning effect

The cleaning effect is a key indicator for evaluating CIP and SIP cleaning. Company can evaluate the cleaning effect by testing the cleanliness of the inner wall of the cleaned food grade hose, the amount of bacterial residue and other indicators.

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