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In recent years, car becomes a common consumer good. While in our daily life, many people wash the cars by themselves. However, you should follow the right steps to wash your car. Otherwise there will be  problems. Next, let me show you how to use a washer hose correctly.

flexible pressure washer hose

Pressure washer hose usage

1. Before using the car washing hose, please fully stretch the hose first. Besides, avoid excessive bending or folding to damage the hose.

2. Connect the hose to the water source to ensure stable water pressure. Because too high water pressure may cause the hose to burst. While too low water pressure will affect the cleaning effect.

3. Choose the right nozzle and cleaning agent according to the size of the car and the degree of surface stains. High pressure water flow with special cleaning agents can remove stubborn stains.

4. Start cleaning from the roof and gradually move down to the skirt, wheels and other parts. During the cleaning process, pay attention to moving the nozzle. Besides, avoid spraying one part for a long time to prevent damage to the car surface.

5. After cleaning, turn off the water source in time, rinse the hose clean and roll it up for storage.

PVC pressure washer hose


1. Avoid touching the hose with sharp objects to prevent scratches and breakage.

2. Do not expose the hose to the sun to prevent accelerated aging.

3. Check the hose joints regularly to ensure good sealing and prevent water leakage.

4. When washing the car, avoid wrapping the hose around the car parts to avoid damaging the paint.

5. When storing the hose, ensure that it is dry and ventilated to avoid moisture that may cause the hose to mold.

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