OrientFlex Supplies Water Hoses For Different Applications

OrientFlex has over 15 years’ export experience. We produce and export all kinds of hoses, fittings, crimping machines, sheets and films. We have cooperated with thousands clients from all over the world and received good reputation. Service is always the important method of us.

As a professional supplier of hoses, OrientFlex produce all kinds of water hoses and fittings.

We provide Garden Water Hoses including PVC Garden Hose, PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose and PVC Clear Hose; Industrial Water Hose including Water Discharge Hose, Water Suction Hose, Non-conductive Furnace Hose, PVC Suction Hose, PVC Fiber Suction Hose, PVC Wine Hose, PVC Steel Wire Hose, PVC Steel Wire Fibre Hose and PVC Intake Suction Hose.

OrientFlex also provides Flush Washer Water Hose including Waterblast Hose, Pressure Washer Hose, PVC High Pressure Washer Hose, Rubber Tank Cleaning Hose, Sewer Cleaning Hose, Sewer Flushing Hose, Sewer Jetting Hose, Washdown Hose, PVC Washdown Hose, PVC Shower Hose and Swimming Pool Hos.

Besides, OrientFlex provides Agriculture Water Hose including PVC Lay Flat Hose, TPU Drag Hose, PE Lay Flat Hose, Rubber Lay Flat Discharge Hose, PE Drip Hose, PE Micro Spray Hose, PE Agriculture Irrigation Hose, Round Drip Pipe and PVC Spray Hose.

Additionally, OrientFlex provides Fire Water Hose including Rubber Lining Lay Flat Fire Hose, Double Jacket Lay Flat Fire Hose, PVC Lining Lay Flat Fire Hose, PU Lining Layfklat Fire Hose and TPU Lay Flat Hose.

With the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we produce standard Water Hose and we can also customize according to your requirements.

Garden Water Hose Products

Industrial Water Hose Products

Flush Wash Water Hose Products

Agriculture Water Hose Products

Fire Water Hose Products

Advantages of OrientFlex

  • Over 10 years’ experience in foreign trading and export
  • Advanced equipment and produce technology
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Professional sale, after sale and support team
  • Competitive price
  • One-stop service
  • High quality products
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, FDA, Reach and other certificates
  • Several terms of payment convenient and flexible
  • Develop rapidly
  • High capacity of anti-risk
  • Wide business relationship all over the world
  • Strong factory
  • One-stop Servic

    We have built close relationships with the relevant products supplier such as connector, camlock, clamps and couplings. Except the 10 series of hoses, we can help you purchase hose fittings with high quality and low price, and we can provide you the hose assembly as well. We responsible for the quality of fittings and assemblies.

    According to your procurement requirements, we provide one-stop service for foreign clients, especially the wholesaler and retailer who runs many kinds of products. Except our hoses products, we can help you purchase relevant fittings such as hydraulic hose connectors, quick couplings, camlocks and protection sleeves.

    OrientFlex provides the best products and service, and develop together with our clients and achieve the mutual benefits.

    Good reputation from all over the world

    Adhering the mutual benefits principle, OrientFlex received good reputation from our clients all over the world in the past 15 years for its excellent service, high quality products and competitive price.

    Some clients said our products look nice, some clients said our product is high quality, some clients said our service is great, some clients said our sale managers are professional, some clients said our samples are really nice, some clients said our products meet their requirements well. Even some clients praise our products after several year that our products are durable and reliable. In a word, we received praises even everyday.

    Your praise is not only the recognition to us, but also the power for us to forward, to improve and to pursue higher goals.

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    Water Hose FAQ

    Water hoses used in different applications made from different materials.

    Garden Hoses are made from PVC; Industrial Water Hoses are made from PVC, synthetic rubber or EPDM; Flash Wash Water Hoses are made from synthetic rubber or PVC; Agriculture Water Hoses are made from PVC, PE, TPU and synthetic rubber; Fire Water Hoses are made from TPU or lined with PVC, PU and synthetic rubber.

    Garden water hoses are used for flowers and plants watering, household cleaning, car washing, pets cleaning and water transfer in family, factory, park, community, farm, ship and building.

    Industrial water hoses are used for water, oil and powdery suction and discharge, water and non corrosive fluids transfer and dry & wet granule conveying in industry, construction, agriculture, shipping and engineering. Food grade industrial water are used to convey milk, beverage, beer, wine and juice in food industry.

    Flush wash water hoses are used for shower, swimming pool, water blasting, high pressure cleaning, hot and cold water washdown, tanker cleaning and sewer cleaning.

    Agriculture water hoses are used to transfer water and fertilizer from resource (pool, lake, river) to the farmland. They can also be used to spray and drop water for irrigation which help save water.

    Fire water hoses are used to deliver water for firefighting, shipping, petroleum industry, chemical industry, agriculture and mining. In fact, its the best choice for firefighting.

    Inside the house, the hose is often used to supply water to washing machine and dishwasher. Besides, water hose can be used for shower. Outside the house, water hose can be used to water your garden and wash your cars as well as pets.

    Yes, of course. There are male and female connections, you can connect two or more hoses with them. But make sure the hoses are the same diameters and pressure rates.

    No, but it is a medium through which waves can travel. If you suddenly shut off the tap, it takes a finite amount of time before the water will stop flowing from the far end of the hose. The change in flow has to propagate in wave-like fashion down the length of the hose.

    The pressure rate is from 45 psi to 150 psi for garden water hoses; 30 psi to 300 psi for industrial water hoses; 10 psi to 12500 psi for flush wash water hose; 250 psi to 2500 psi for agriculture water hose and 100 psi to 350 psi for fire water hose.

    These are just general rates and you can check our website for the details.

    Nornally, OrientFlex provides small size water hose from 3/8'' to 2’’ and large size from 2’’ to 12’’. The most size that we can provide is 20’’ (lay flat hose). More important, we can customize the water hoses for you, including size, length, pressure and other specifications.

    If you forget to close the water supply after finishing the irrigating, the flow water will flood your crops and plants in your farmland. It will cause huge damage to your crops and even cause them all die. So make sure the water supply system be closed after irrigation.

    Hoses have either an open end or a connector. Open end hoses require the correct size hose barb fitting and a hose clamp. Hoses with connectors such as hose ends for garden hoses require a washer for the connector to seal. Hoses that have threaded end fittings need a matching threaded opposite fitting for a compression type connector that does not require Teflon tape, or Teflon tape for a tapered fitting. Teflon tape will not seal a straight type threaded fitting. If a hose has a hole in it, the hose needs to either be replaced, or a connector put in to connect the two ends after the hole is removed by cutting it out. A double end barbed fitting will usually work in this case with two hose clamps.

    Water hose left on In a tank of water will siphon the water out of the tank back into the water supply. Add an anti siphon device needs to be installed if you decide to leave the hose on. Now that it’s becoming wintertime a hose left on will freeze and the ice will make its way into the hydrant and freeze all the way down. Because the water cannot drain it could freeze up the hydrant. Because the weep hole cannot drain.

    You can use a water suction hose for this purpose. Connect one end of the suction hose to the pump and put another end into the swimming pool and then suck the water out.

    It’ s easy to drain an above-ground pool by siphoning. You can put one end in, then turn on the water to fill the hose, then turn off the water and disconnect from the spigot. The water will start draining and will continue to do so as long as the “dry” end of the hose is lower than the wet end. If the hose has to make a significant climb over the side of the pool and the dry end is not significantly lower than the wet end, the siphon will break and you won’t be able to drain it completely.

    If you have an in-ground pool, you have a more difficult task, unless you can get the dry end of the hose well below ground level.

    Yes you should. In winter, the temperature will be subzero and the hose will be freeze. If there are water left in the hose, it may cause the hose burst. Because the water will become ice and the volume will be expand for several even decade times and this cause much more pressure from inside to outside, and then cause the hose burst.

    In another way, the water hose will become very fragile when freezing. So it’s easy to be broke by crash and impact.

    1.You should use the water hose within the pressure rate. Using the hose beyond the pressure scope will cause burst from the inside

    2.You need to use the hose within the temperature scope. Being used in high temperature for long time will reduce the abilities of water hose.

    3.Use the hose away from heat resource and open fire

    4.Make the water hose away from sharp machines to protect it from cutting and abrasion.

    5.Choose proper connectors for the water hose to prevent leak.

    6.After use, store the hose in a dry place where the wind can pass through.

    7.Don’t exposure the water hoses under the ultraviolet for a long time.

    8.Take some antifreeze measures in the winter to protect the hose.