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High temperature steam hose is a high performance industrial hose. It is widely used in various occasions where high-temperature steam needs to be transported. This hose is usually composed of an inner rubber layer, an outer rubber layer and an intermediate layer. The inner and outer rubbers are generally made of materials with excellent heat, steam, ozone, UV and chemical resistance.

steam hose

Steam hose has excellent heat, pressure and corrosion resistance. It can work for a long time in a high temp and high pressure place without deformation or damage. This hose Serves in various industrial fields. Such as cooling water for refrigeration equipment, hot and cold water for engine engines and food processing. (especially hot water and saturated steam in dairy factories). In addition, it is widely used in occasions where high-pressure steam is required for processing and treatment.

The main parameters of high-temperature steam hoses include working pressure, burst pressure, temperature range, resistivity, caliber and wall thickness. Generally speaking, its working pressure is within 7 bar, and the higher burst pressure can reach 70 bar. The temperature range is usually between -30℃ and +130℃. Orientflex hoses can even reach up to +210℃. The caliber refers to the inner diameter of the hose, while the wall thickness often refers to the thickness of the inner rubber.

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