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Pneumatic air hose is a common material for industrial use. It widely serves for many pneumatic tools. Besides, it can serve as an auto hose. For example, the brake hose. Common pneumatic air hose includes PU hose, PA hose and coiled hose. A good quality hose not only has a long service life, but also makes your work smooth. Then let me show you how to choose a good air hose.

PU tubing

Four steps to choose a good pneumatic hose

Confirm the material first. It can be PU pipe, nylon pipe, etc.

Then confirm the inner and outer diameters of the pipe.

After that, check if the wall thickness is even. Because uneven air hose is easy to leak during operation.

4. For the wall thickness of the pipe, consider the type of pipe joint when selecting the hose. When using clamp-type pipe joints and ferrule type pipe joints, focus on the inner diameter of the pipe. While when using plug-in pipe joints, focus on the outer diameter of the pipe.

Joint form of pipe joint:

Clamp type pipe joint, mainly suitable for cotton braided hose;

Ferrule type pipe joints, mainly for metal pipe and rigid nylon pipe.

Plug-in pipe joints, ideal for nylon tube and plastic hose.

Pipe joint forms: bent angle, right angle, through plate, tee, four-way, etc. While you can choose the proper one based on your need.

PU pneumatic hose

There are three interface nominal methods for pipe joints:

According to the nominal interface thread of the pipe joint. But this type of joint is not commonly used.

Based on the nominal diameter of the pipeline and the nominal thread combination of the joint. This type of joint is often used for the inlet and outlet.

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