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Forestry Fire Hose

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Forestry Fire Hose

Together with fire fighting nozzles, brass fire fighting nozzles and other fire hose fitting, the forestry hose can supply large volume of water. Then it helps control the fire effectively.

Forestry Fire Hose

Lining: PVC/TPU/rubber
Reinforcement: polyester jacket
Diameter: 16mm, 19mm, 25mm

Forestry Hose Application:
Forest fire fighting
Brush fire fighting
Grass fire fighting
Wild land fire fighting
Light industrial
Garden work

Fire is one of the main threats for the forest. It’s also the most terrible disaster for the forest industry. As it will burn down large area forest and hurt the animals which live in the forest. Besides, it can reduce the regeneration ability. Then the forest will be hard to recover to the previous status. In addition, it will cause soil depletion and reduce the water conservation. What’s more, it may even cause ecological environment out of balance. While on such occasion, some fire prevent measures are necessary. Then forest fire hose will be a good choice.

Orientflex forest fire hose is a light duty hose. It is quite light in weight, thus the firefighter can carry it easily. This type firefighter hose has excellent heat and abrasion resistance. Thus it’s ideal for the use in complex mountain conditions.

The jacket of such fire fighting hose is polyester filament yarn. It is even and firm, so that the hose will not twist. While the lining can be PVC, PU and rubber. But we recommend you the PU lining. As it has much better abrasion and chemical resistance. We can add a fluorescent strip on the hose. Then you can use it when there is not enough light. Besides, it helps avid the damage caused by over abrasion.

Forestry Hose Features:

Wear and pressure resistant

Light in weight and easy to carry

Different fittings are available

High effective water supply

Low water flow resistance

Easy to recycle and restore

Forestry Fire Hose Specification

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