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PVC Clear Hose

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PVC Clear Hose

PVC clear hose is a flexible and transparent hose. It can be made into both industrial grade and food grade. But the food grade PVC hose should be made from food grade raw material.

PVC Clear Hose Pipe Structure

Tube & Cover: PVC

Temperature: -10℃ to 65℃ ( 14℉ to +150℉ )

Application: PVC transparent hose is used for conveying water, oil and gas under normal working conditions in factory, farm, ship building and family.

PVC Clear Hose

Transparent PVC Hose is nontoxic and resistant to weather, low pressure and erosion. The smooth tube is resistant to collection and blockage. The clear PVC wall makes you can see the materials flowing through it. Besides, the clear flexible plastic tubing looks beautiful with colorful symbol lines on the surface.

Clear Flexible Hose Features:

Flexible, light in weight, transparent

Food grade, nontoxic and odourless

Anti erosion and abrasion

Anti aging, long working life

PVC Clear Hose Specification

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