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Hose Protection Sleeve

Orientflex provides different types of hose sleeve. If you want to protect your hose from friction or fire, you can find the best solution here in Orientflex. With many kinds of certificates, our hydraulic hose protector will fit you well.

Hose Protection Sleeve

In modern industry, we need hydraulic hose, cable and wire in almost everywhere. However, the working conditions of the hoses and wires can not be that good. In fact, the working condition of such hoses and cables are really harsh. For some special application like steel factory or metallurgy factory, the temperature is very high. While such working condition will damage the out cover of hydraulic hose and cables. Then the hose and cable will fail earlier.

On such occasion, you need a hose protection sleeve to protect your rubber hose and cable. Orientflex offers you three kinds of hose protector. And they are nylon sleeve, silicone fire sleeve and spiral hose guard. While each of them have their own unique functions.

spiral guard

Spiral Guard

Spiral guard hose protector can propect your hydraulic hose and cable from abrasion, cutting, external impact, etc. Such sleeve is easy to install.

silicone coated fiberglass sleeve

Silicone Fiberglass Sleeve

Silicone fire sleeve can protect your hose, cable and wire from extreme temperatures. The fiberglass can work at max 550℃. While the silicone coating can work at max 260℃.

nylon sleeve

Nylon Sleeve

Nylon protective hose sleeve provides insolating protect to the hoses and cables. Besides, it protects them from abrasion, cutting and corrosion.

Main Functions Of Hose Protection Sleeve

First, protect hydraulic hose and cable from wear. In some applications, the hydeaulic hose and wire are close to sharp things or machines. While the sharp edge will hurt or even cut the hose. In some cases, the hose and cable will get contact with other machines. Then there will be friction between them. After a long time, the rubber cover of the hose will wear out. On such occasions, you need a hose protector to prevent your hose from these damages. While for these damages, a hose spiral guard will be better.

Second, prevent the hose and cable from high temperature and fire. In the steel factory, the working environment has a high temperature. While this will cause the hose age earlier. Worse more, the spark and molten metal may splash on the hose. While these high temp substances will damage the hose and even cause failure. To deal with these problems, a fireproof sleeve will be helpful.

Third, isolation. During the normal work of cable and wire, they may be affected by the external factors and become conduct. While once the cable and wire get touch with the electicity, it will cause serious damage to equipment and homen body. Thus with a hose wrap, the cable and wire can be isolationg. It also makes the cable more reliable and safe. For such purpose, the nylon sleeve is a good choice.

Features Of Hose Protection Sleeve

spiral hose sleeve application
  • High pressure resistant
  • High temperature resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Long service life
  • Easy to install
  • Velcro sleeve is available
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Isolating

Hose Protection Sleeve Application

fire sleeve application
spiral guard application
firefighting hose

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