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Tunnel Ventilation Duct

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Tunnel Ventilation Duct

Tunnel ventilation hose adopts high density polyester with steel wire as the support. It widely serves in farm, basement, industry, power plant, tunnel and many other applications for ventilation.

Tunnel Ventilation Duct

Tube: High density polyester weave coated PVC on both sides

Reinforcement: Steel wire

Cover: PVC strip

Temperature: -32℃ to 80℃ (-90℉ to +176℉)

Application: PVC coated polyester fabric tunnel ventilation duct hose used as ventilation widely serves in airport, tunnel and basement for waste gas and fume exhaust, air condition, light duty dust extraction and air movement. It can serve as flexible connection among grilles diffuser, fans and other air movement units.

Ventilation Hose is used for air movement with high quality. This portable and flexible hose is made from polyester fabric and coated with PVC. The hose is reinforced with a steel wire spring helix to provide an enhanced physical frame. In addition to the protection of the wire helix, its external section of the hose is protected by a wear-strip. If you drag the hose across ground or other surfaces, this wear-strip will guard the hose from most of physical abrasions.

Flexible plastic ducting is specifically made for air transfer. In addition to general air ventilation, its can be used as air conditioner ducting hose for portable AC, duct cleaning and others. The flexible air ventilation duct has a working temperature range from -20℃ to 80℃, which makes it perfectly suitable for both cold and hot air transfer.

Tunnel Ventilation Duct Hose Features:

Compressible and easy to carry

Leakage resistant

Abrasion resistant

Highly flexible

Flame retardant

Oil, acid & alkali resistant

Small bending radius

Various colors are available

Kink resistant


Inner Diameter: 4″- 48″

Length: 20m/roll

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