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PVC Steel Wire Hose

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PVC Steel Wire Hose

Orientflex offers you the most cost-effective PVC steel wire hose. Besides, the PVC wire reinforced hose meets the international standard.

PVC Steel Wire Hose Structure

Tube & Cover: Transparent PVC

Reinforce: Steel Wire Spiral

Temperature: -10℃ to +65℃( 14℉ to +150℉ )

Application: PVC wire hose is widely used for suction and discharge of water, oil and powdery articles in the industries, agriculture, engineering, food and sanitation lines. The hose used for food is made from special food grade pvc. While food grade hose is nontoxic, light in weight, odourless and transparent.

PVC Steel Wire Hose is commonly seen on pumps and many industries. It is a lightweight, mild abrasion and chemical resistant flexible PVC hose. Steel wire reinforced PVC hose is easy to handle and typically used in lighter duty applications.

The clear PVC Suction Hose permits excellent visibility. Besides, its smooth exterior and interior allow for max flow of products. This reinforced PVC hose is not suitable for transferring fuels and is also FDA approved for potable water.

Steel wire reinforced pvc flexible pipe features:

Smooth inner tube will not resist the medium flow

Steel wire reinforce offers great pressure resistance

Small bending radius

Impact & crush resistant

Abrasion & chemical resistant

Economical & flexible

PVC Steel Wire Hose Specification

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