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PVC Hose

PVC hose from Orientflex is made according to stric standards. Thus it has great performance in a wide range of application.

Flexible PVC Hose Manufacturer

Orientflex has workd on flexible PVC hose since set up in 2006. Now, we are a global one-stop supplier for PVC hoses and other hoses. Besides, we can offer you various PVC hose fittings.

In fact, there is not a PVC hose that is suitable for all the applications. But from Orientflex, you can get different PVC hoses for your special work.

If you work on agriculture, you can get PVC suction hose and PVC layflat hose here to transfer water to your land. You can also get the PVC spray hose for pesticide control. But if you are in industrial project, you can get PVC steel wire hose and PVC pressure washer hose for water supply and cleaning work. While if you resell household facilities, you can get PVC garden hose and PVC gas hose for household use. In a word, Orientflex can offer you various PVC hoses for your special use.

Garden Water Hose

PVC Garden Hose

PVC garden hose is a flexible and durable PVC hose for garden work. Besides, you can use it to wash your car and do some clean work. It’s the necessary part for your garden and landscape project.

PVC Braided Hose

PVC Braided Hose

PVC braided hose is a reinforced PVC hose. Because it has a fibre braid reinforce layer. Thus it can bear high pressure than the ordinary PVC hose. Besides, it can serve as a PVC garden hose.

PVC Clear Hose

PVC Clear Hose

PVC clear hose is the most basic PVC hose as it has just one layer of PVC. Transparent PVC hose can be made into different colors. Then it can make your decoration and application more beautiful.

Steel Wire Reinforced PVC Flexible Pipe

PVC Steel Wire Hose

PVC steel wire hose is reinforced with a spiral steel wire. While the steel wire offers a solid structure. Thus the steel wire reinforced hose is strong enough to bear the external impact and high pressure.

Reinforced PVC Pipe

Reinforced PVC Hose

Reinforced PVC hose has two kinds of reinforce layers. One is a braided yarn layer. While the other one is a steel wire layer. Thus the hose will be more flexible and it can bear much higher pressure.

PVC Suction Hose

PVC Suction Hose

PVC suction hose is one of the most best pump hose. Because it can bear both positive and negative pressure. It can not only transfer water from long distance, but also can deliver manure to the farmland. 

pvc pressure washer hose

PVC Pressure Washer Hose

PVC pressure washer hose works together with a high pressure washer to do the clean work. Thus the washer hose can bear high pressure. While it can work at max 3000 psi.

PVC Spray Hose

PVC Spray Hose

PVC spray hose is mainly for agriculture use. It can spray water for the irrigation work. But the most usage is to spray pesticide to the crops.

Cotton Braided Spray Hose

Cotton Braided Spray Hose

Cotton braided spray hose has the same function with PVC spray hose. But the reinforce layer is cotton braid. While this makes it can bear higher pressure.

PVC Air Hose

PVC Air Hose

PVC air hose is ideal for a wide range of pneumatic tools like air compressor, rock drill and jack hammer. It remains flexible in cold weather and can work at max 65℃.

Hybrid Hose

Hybrid Air Hose

Hybrid air hose is not only suitable for air transfer, but also ideal for general industrial water. Thus it belongs to a multipurpose hose for industrial and civil use.

lpg gas tube

PVC Gas Hose

PVC gas hose is the gas stove connector to connect natural gas resource and stove. It is reinforced with special yarn and it remains flexible even in cold weather.

PVC wine hose

PVC Wine Hose

PVC wine hose is specially designed for wine factory. It is to deliver the grain and other raw materials. The hose is made from food grade PVC material and it’s safe for wine.

PVC layflat hose

PVC Layflat Hose

PVC layflat hose is the most used PVC hose. It is to deliver water for agriculture and industry. Besides, it is ideal for water discharge in a flood situation.

Orientflex Is Your Best PVC Hose Supllier

Since set up, we aim at being your reliable and unique PVC hose supplier. And we work hard to be the globla one-stop hose supplier for flexible hoses and fittings. Thus we constantly update our production technology to offer you the better PVC hose. The quality of PVC hoses is really important. Because it concerns if you can finish your work smoothly and effectively. Thus you need to choose a reliable supplyer first. That is especially important for food industry. Because bad quality PVC hose may release toxic. While once the toxic enters the food, it will cause serious safety event and social effect.

But Orientflex PVC hose will be the best in quality. Our hose can work at a wide range of temperatures. Besides, our PVC hose can resist ozone, UV and aging. Thus it has a longer service life.

With the win-win principle, Orientflex always focus on your success. We know your market well and can design special PVC hose according to your working environment. Contact us now and get the best PVC hose.

Frequently Asked Question

Which hose is for agriculture use?

We have several PVC hoses for agriculture use like PVC layflate hose, PVC spray hose and PVC suction hose.

Can I ask for customized hose?

Yes we can offer you custom service. You can just send us the specs you want. Then we will design and produce for you.

Can your PVC hose work outdoors?

Our PVC hose is UV and ozone resistant. Thus it can work at outdoors.

Can I prient my logo on the hose?

Yes we can print your logo on the hose. Besides, we can customize article and other factors.

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