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PVC Spray Hose

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PVC Spray Hose

PVC spray hose is the best assistant for farm to control pest. Because herbicide spray hose can spray pesticide to the crops. Orientflex offers you the best spray pipe for agriculture which is the most-effective. Contact us now and get the best quotation.

PVC Spray Hose Structure

Tube: PVC

Reinforce: One or two layers of high tensile strength polyester fibre

Cover: PVC, anti-UV and aging

Temperature: -10℃ to +65℃ ( 14℉ to +150℉ )

Application: Widely used in high pressure washer, air compressor and pneumatic tool. In agriculture, the high pressure pvc spray hose is used for spraying pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer solution.

PVC High Pressure Agricultural Spray Hose is also called spray hose, high pressure spray hose, agricultural spray hose, agricultural chemical hose, sprayer hose, herbicides spray hose, pesticides spray hose, gas hose, etc.

Such agriculture spray pipe is made from high quality pure tough PVC and reinforced with high tensile strength yarn. Pest control spray hose is to spray and transfer various fluids in agriculture.

Agriculture Spray Pipe Features:

Made from tough PVC

High tensile polyester braid

Light weight, flexible, durable, anti-erosion

Good flexibility and non-kinking

PVC Spray Hose 3 Ply

Pest Control Hose 5 Ply

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