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Floating Dredge Hose

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Floating Dredge Hose

Floating dredge hose can float on the water surface for the dredging work. It widely serves in dock, port and river to discharge sand and mud. With such a dredging hose, you can do the dredging work in a long distance which helps save labor cost.

Dredge Floating Hose

Tube: Excellent abrasion resistant NR/SBR

Reinforcement: High tensile strength fabrics with helix steel wire and Independent foam

Cover: CR

Temperature: -25℃ to +80℃ (-13℉ to +176℉)

Application: For port and dock discharging of sea water, silt, sand and other materials. They are commonly used in part of the construction process of docks and ports.

Floating Dredge Hose are mainly used to suck and discharge the silt, slurry, sand and stone in the waterway. Flexible floating rubber dredging suction hose can extend the distance of dredging.

Our hose resists corrosion, high pressure, bending and abrasion. Floating Dredging Hose and dredge pipe could connected with pipeline well. It reduces the sea wave and makes it smooth to convey medium.

Floating Dredge Hose Features

Special designed for self-floating on the seawater

Small bending radius. In working condition, the bending angle is from 0° to 45°

Synthetic rubber material is highly resistant to weather, UV, salty and ozone

Floating Dredge Hose Specification

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