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Silicone Straight Coupler

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Silicone Straight Coupler

Silicone straight coupler is the connector between pipes in the engine system. It can bear high tmeperature and it is durable. Besides ordinary coupler, Orientflex offer you silicone reducer. Then you can connect two pipes with different sizes together.

Silicone Straight Coupler

Tube: 100% High quality silicone

Reinforcement: Four ply of polyester/aramid/glass fiber

Cover: Silicone

Color: Black, red, blue, green, yellow

Temperature: -40℃ to +220℃ (-40℉ to +428℉)

Application: Joining your intake pipe to the throttle body assembly, air metering assembly, intercooler, BOV pipe or turbo inlet/outlet. It’s used as custom compressor, intercooler or inlet piping for turbo/supercharged car and custom cold air intake for nonturbo car. These silicone parts can be used in trucks, recreational vehicles, boats and anything else with an engine.

Silicone Straight Coupler is made from high temperature silicone rubber and reinforced with multiply knitted premium polyester fabric. It’s engineered for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges.

Silicone rubber components have a useful life that is far superior under conditions that would cause the deterioration of many parts made of typical organic materials. Its typical properties are as below: high temperature resistant, electrochemical degradation resistant, UV and ozone resistant. Ordinary silicone is not oil resistant, but our fluorosilicone with its unique properties resist many fuels, oils and solvents including gasoline.

Silicone rubber is famous for its water resistance. It has an extremely low degree of water absorption and its mechanical properties show minimal change, even after long periods of immersion.

Silicone Straight Coupler Features

High temperature and aging resistant, operative temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 220 ℃

Physical laziness, good air permeability

Good electrical insulating performance

Odourless, nontoxic and eco-friendly

We offer OEM/ODM, 3D design and we produce according to your drawings

Silicone Straight Coupler Specification

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