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Large Diameter Layflat Hose

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Large Diameter Layflat Hose

Large diameter layflat hose has much better water diliver capacity. For example, a 5” layflat hose can transfer 4 times of the water than a 2.5” hose. Thus it is the best choice for water transfer work, especially idela for dealing with flood.

Large Diameter PVC Layflat Hose

Tube and cover: PVC

Reinforcement: high tensile polyester

LDH hose widely serves in agriculture, grassland, mining, oil field and construction. While the main function is to supply large volume of water. It’s also ideal for drainage work. In another hand, it’s ideal for water supply from a long distance.

Large Diameter PVC Layflat Hose Application:

Irrigation needs large volumes of water. But in some case, the farmland is far away from the water sources such as a river or a pond. Then you need a layflat hose to deliver water from the resources. However, it should not be a normal PVC layflat hose, but a large diameter PVC hose. As the normal size lay flat hose just provides small flow. But the large diameter hose can deliver large volume water.

For example, a 2.5’’ flat hose can deliver 950L water per minute. While such transfer speed and water volume is far from the need. Thus you have to use several hoses work together to finish the irrigation work. Besides, you have to use more pumps. But if you have a 5’’ PVC layflat hose, you can save much time and cost. Because it can deliver 3800L water in a minute, which is 4 times of the 2.5’’ hose. While if you have more large hoses, such as 10’’ or 16’’, the water delivery work will be more effective.

Other Usages Besides Agriculture:

Besides irrigation, the large diameter PVC layflat hose is also ideal for water transfer in remote regions. For example, the forest. Forest exists in mountains, thus once there was any fire, it needs large volume of water for fire fighting. In this case, the large diameter layflat hose will play an important roll. With a LDLH, you can deliver large volume of water to the fire site. Then firefighter can put out the fire in a short time.

Orientflex offer you custom service. That’s means you can ask for any size of the hose within 24’’ to fit your need. Besides, the hose can be made into different colors.

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