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Dredge Hose

Orientflex owns the most complete knowledge of dreding work. With high quality dredge hose, professional sale and technical team, Orientflex will offer you the high effective and cost-effective dredging solution.

Dredge Hose – International Standard

Dredging hose is a special hose for sand and mud discharge in port, river, lake and dock. Besides, it is ideal for flood discharge. Dredging rubber hose adopts high abrasion resistant materials like natural rubber and SBR. Because the mediums are often abrasive. Thus the dredging work ask for a high abrasion resistant hose.

General Applications of Dredge Hose

First one, the hydraulic project. There will often be impuritiess like mud and grass in the port, lake and river. While these impurities not only affect the landscape, but also block the chennel. Then it will obstruct the navigation of ships. On suct occasion, you need to discharge the impurities and guarantee the normal navigation of ships. Then the dredging hose will be the necessary tools.

Second, urban construction. With the population growth, the water discharge will be more and more important. While the dredge discharge hose is the ideal choice to remove and discharge the impurities inside the sewer.

Last, the enviromental protecting industry. While that mainly refers to wasted water and rubbish handling. In a word, dredging hose is the necessary part in tunnel dredging and wasted handling.

Orientflex Offers You The High Quality Dredging Hose

Orientflex is one of the few manufacturers that can offer you the whole series of dredging hose. While we can offer you dredge suction hose, dredge discharge hose and floating dredge hose. With these three kinds of dredgibf hose, you can do the dredging work at any conditions. Besides, the dredging hoses, we can offer you kinds of connections like flange.

In order to offer you the best dredging hose, Orientflex produce it with various international standards like SAE. With more than 15 years’ experience in dredging hose manufactuering, Orientflex will offer you the most cost-effective hoses. At the same time, we do everything to guarantee the quality. The best dredging hose and solution are our promise to you. Because of those, more than 200 clients from over 40 countries like America, Canada, Indonesia and others choose us as the reliable supplier.

Orientflex always focus on the quality and service, no matter in the past or in the future. At the same time, we are famous for that. If you need the best dredging solution, welcome to contact us.

dredge suction hose

Dredge Suction Hose

Suction dredge hose can bear both positive and negative pressure. Thus it is ideal for both suction and discharge of mud and other impurities.

dredging hose

Dredge Discharge Hose

Discharge hose is the most common material for dredging work. It is ideal for river, lake, prot and municipal use to discharge the waste.

floating dredge hose

Floating Dredge Hose

Floating dredging hose can float on the water surface. With special synthetic material, floating hose is high abrasion resistant. Besides, it can resist UV.

How Orientflex Control The Quality Of Dredge Hose

  • Import the top grade raw material from Germany and Japan
  • Introduce the advanced production equipment from Italy
  • Supported by Korea and Italy technology
  • Constantly improve the formula
  • Set up complete quantiy control system
  • Set up professional and reliable quality inspection team
  • Own over 150 professional and advanced engineer
  • Set up advanced lab with advanced testing machinery
  • Support the third party test







Features Of Flexible Dredge Hose

dredge hose application
  • High pressure resistant
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Weather and ozone resistant
  • Small bending radius
  • UV and salt resistant
  • Abrasion resistant and durable
  • Long service life
  • OEM and ODM services are available
  • Various types are available
  • Ideal for many applications 

Why Orientflex Is One Of Your Best Dredge Hose Suppliers

  • Produce the dredging hose with top grade raw material
  • Advanced production equipment bring you the best dredging rubber hose
  • Various production standard meet all of your requirement
  • One-stop service make you can get the suction dredging hose and acessories
  • Strong supply capacity (90 containers/month)
  • Professional technical and sales team offer you the best solution
  • High quality hoses have longer service life
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