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Welding Hose

Orientflex offers you both PVC welding hose and rubber welding hose. While all of them are made according to international standards. Then Orientflex hose can guarantee a safe welding work.

Welding Hose

Welding hose is a series of flexible hoses that used in the welding and cutting work. There are 2 basic hoses for such work, one is oxygen hose, while the other one is acetylene hose. Oxygen hose is to deliver oxygen during the welding. Because oxygen can assist the buring. While acetylene hose is to deliver flammable gases like acetylene, natural gas and propane.

Welding is a dagerous work. Because any leakage of the flammable gases like acetylene will cause serious evironment pollution. What’s more, once there was any open fire, it will cause fire. While the fire will spread rapidly. Then it may cause damage to people. But you don’t have to worry about this with the oxy acetylene hose. Because Orientflex oxygen and acetylene hoses are made according to fire proof astandards. Thus our twin hose oxygen and acetylene is flame retardent. Then you never don’t have to worry about the dizaster that cutting torch hoses will cause. Besides, our twin hose oxygen acetylene has good air permeability. Thus there will never be leakage problem.

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Oxygen And Acetylene Hoses

Braided Hydraulic Hose Meets SAE Domestic and DIN International Standards, Our supply braided hydraulic hose is designed for medium to high-pressure applications and is constructed of the highest quality materials.

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Twin Welding Hose

Spiral Hydraulic Hose is tested and approved for use in a number of industries throughout the world. All of our spiral hydraulic hose is manufactured to meet SAE domestic and DIN international standards.

How Orientflex Control The Quality Of Twin Welding Hose

  • Import the top grade raw material from Germany and Japan
  • Introduce the advanced production equipment from Italy
  • Supported by Korea and Italy technology
  • Constantly improve the formula
  • Set up complete quantiy control system
  • Set up professional and reliable quality inspection team
  • Own over 150 professional and advanced engineer
  • Set up advanced lab with advanced testing machinery
  • Support the third party test




Features Of Welding Hose Pipe

welding hose application
  • Flexible and light in weight
  • Flame retardent
  • Heat and cutting resistant
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Good air tightness
  • High tensile strength
  • Weather and ozone resistant
  • Will not age after long terms of use
  • Abrasion resistant and durable
  • Long service life
  • Various types and colors are available
  • Differeny sizes are available

Why Orientflex Is Your Unique Welding Hose Supplier

  • Produce the hose oxygen and acetylene with top grade raw material
  • Advanced production equipment bring you the best acetylene torch hoses
  • Various production standard meet all of your requirement
  • One-stop service make you can get the oxygen acetylene hose fittings
  • Strong supply capacity (90 containers/month)
  • Professional technical and sales teams offer you the best solution
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Water Rubber Hose Pipe Loading And Delivery

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