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Oxygen And Acetylene Hoses

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Oxygen And Acetylene Hoses

Oxygen and acetylene hoses are the flexible hose to deliver oxygen and acetylene to the welding and cutting work. Orientflex offers you high quality welding hose with the best performance. Our hoses are flame retardent which makes your welding or cutting work safe and efective. Besides, long service life helps you save money and time.

Oxygen And Acetylene Hoses

Tube: Black, smooth, synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord

Cover: Blue, green, red, smooth, synthetic rubber

Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃ (-4℉ to +158℉)

Application: Designed for welding, cutting and relevant processes. Specific welding hose is for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon and fuel gases including acetylene, natural gas, methane and propane.

Red hose is for flammable gases like acetylene, propane and others. While blue hose is only for oxygen service. The non-blooming tube minimizes the migration of combustible waxes or plasticizers to the surface of the rubber. The oxy acetylene hose is reinforced with multiple plies of textile reinforcement and it is flexible.

Single line welding hose is available in long continuous lengths. Thus it provids max versatility and ease of handling in a variety of applications where the fuel gas and oxygen sources are separated while twin line hose is not practical. The cover is resistant to abrasion, heat, mild chemicals and ozone.

Oxygen And Acetylene Hoses Feature

Anti abrasion and smooth cover

Weather and ozone resistant

Flexible, light in weight, less distortion

Oxygen And Acetylene Hoses Specification

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