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PVC Duct Hose Pipe

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PVC Duct Hose Pipe

PVC duct hose is made from high quality PVC. Besides, there is a steel wire reinforce. It is a flexible and transparent hose. Thus you can clearly see the mediums flow inside. Such material handling hose is ideal for gases like smoke and fume. Besides, it can transfer solid materials like dust and powder.

PU Duct Hose Pipe

Tube: Soft PVC

Reinforcement: Coated steel wire spring helix

Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃ (-4℉ to +158℉)

Application: Especially ideal for ventilation, industrial vacuum cleaner and granulate conveying system.

As suction and transport hose is suitable for gaseous media such as vapors, smoke, liquid and small granules such as dust and powder.

PVC Flex Duct is a clear PVC wall hose reinforced with coated spring steel wire helix for industrial air movement and fume control.

PVC ducting hose is flexible with good chemical and moisture resistance. In addition, the steel wire spring helix offers extra protection.

PVC  Duct Hose Pipe Features

Conduct static by grounding the steel wire

Highly flexible and light in weight

Extremely compressible

Smooth interior

Highly transparent wall

Small bending radius

PU Duct Hose Pipe Specification

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