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Swimming Pool Hose

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Swimming Pool Hose

Swimming pool hose vacuum hose often connects to a pump. While it is to suck the dirts at the bottom of the swimming pool and clean the pool. Orientflex hose is highly flexible and will never kink. It can help you clean your swimming pool effectively. Contact us now and get the high quality hose.

Swimming Pool Hose

Material: EVA and HDPE

Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃ (-4℉ to +158℉)

Application: It’s used as pool vacuum hose or suction hose for swimming pool cleaning.

Swimming Pool Flexible Pipe with heavy duty construction is specifically designed to provide maximum flow and efficiency. The swimming pool vacuum pipe with colored antichoc spiral reinforcement can be used as pool vacuum hose or suction hose and is auto-floating for swimming pool cleaning applications. Made from high quality EVA material, it’s lightweight, flexible, crush and UV resistant. It will not kink or pretzel. It is also resistant to atmospheric agents and a diverse number of chemicals.

Swimming Pool Hose Features

Highly flexible and floatable

Smooth interior

Crush resistant

Gas and liquid tight

Small bending radius

Extremely tearing resistant

High tensile strength

Swivel cuffs rotates to eliminate kinks are available

Conform to RoHS

Swimming Pool Hose Specification

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