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OrientFlex has over 15 years’ export experience. We produce and export all kinds of hoses, fittings, crimping machines, sheets and films. We have cooperated with thousands of clients from all over the world and received good reputation. Service is always the most important method of us.

As a professional supplier of hoses, OrientFlex produces all kinds of Food Grade Hoses and fittings, including Food Discharge Hose, Food Suction and Delivery Hose, UHMWPE Food Grade Hose, Food Grade Silicone Braided Hose, Food Grade Silicone Vacuum Hose and Food Grade Silicone Steel Wire Hose. With the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we produce standard Food Grade Hose and we can also customize according to your requirements.

Food Grade Hose Products

Advantages of OrientFlex

  • Over 10 years’ experience in foreign trading and export
  • Advanced equipment and produce technology
  • Good reputation from all over the world
  • Professional sale, after sale and support team
  • Competitive price
  • One-stop service
  • High quality products
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, FDA, Reach and other certificates
  • Several terms of payment convenient and flexible
  • Develop rapidly
  • High capacity of anti-risk
  • Wide business relationship all over the world
  • Strong factory
  • One-stop Servic

    We have built close relationships with the relevant products supplier such as connector, camlock, clamps and couplings. Except the 10 series of hoses, we can help you purchase hose fittings with high quality and low price, and we can provide you the hose assembly as well. We responsible for the quality of fittings and assemblies.

    According to your procurement requirements, we provide one-stop service for foreign clients, especially the wholesaler and retailer who runs many kinds of products. Except our hoses products, we can help you purchase relevant fittings such as hydraulic hose connectors, quick couplings, camlocks and protection sleeves.

    OrientFlex provides the best products and service, and develop together with our clients and achieve the mutual benefits.

    Good reputation from all over the world

    Adhering the mutual benefits principle, OrientFlex received good reputation from our clients all over the world in the past 15 years for its excellent service, high quality products and competitive price.

    Some clients said our products look nice, some clients said our product is high quality, some clients said our service is great, some clients said our sale managers are professional, some clients said our samples are really nice, some clients said our products meet their requirements well. Even some clients praise our products after several year that our products are durable and reliable. In a word, we received praises even everyday.

    Your praise is not only the recognition to us, but also the power for us to forward, to improve and to pursue higher goals.

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    Food Grade Hose FAQ

    There are three parts of Food Grade Hose, tube, reinforcement and cover.

    For food discharge hose and food suction hose, the tube is made from food grade NR, NBR or EPDM. The reinforcement is high strength synthetic rubber and the cover is made from weathering resistant synthetic rubber.

    For UHMWPE Food Grade Hose, the tube is made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene or food grade rubber and the cover is made from synthetic rubber. It is reinforced with high strength synthetic cord and helix wire.

    While the Silicone Food Grade Hose is made from silicone and reinforced with polyester fabric and steel wire.

    The hose is designed to transfer milk, beer, wine, pharmaceuticals, fruit juice, soft drinks and non oil food product and used in a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industries.

    There are two kinds of pressure standard, 150 psi and 250 psi. But OrientFlex can customize the hose according to your requirements.
    The Food Discharge hose and Food Suction hose can work in the temperature from -32℃ to 80℃. The UHMWPE works in the temperature from -10℃ to 93℃. While the silicone hose works in the temperature from -40℃ to 220℃.
    When choose Food Grade Hose, you should first consider three things: the material transferred by the hose, the temperature of the material and the working pressure. Then you need to confirm the diameter that meet the machine.

    The burst pressure is 3 times than the standard working pressure. If you use a 150 psi hose, the burst pressure will be 450 psi, while if you use a 250 psi hose, the burst pressure will be 750 psi.

    Food Grade Hose is made of nitrile rubber or EPDM to keep flexible. Food Grade Hose is made from non toxic compounds to resist chemicals. Besides, Food Grade Hose is non odor to keep the food own taste.

    Of course not! You must choose food grade hose for food use. Because the food hose is non toxic and non odor. It is conform to FDA standard and specially designed for food use. Other hoses that are not food grade don’t have the food grade certificate.

    If you use other hoses to convey food or beverage, toxin may enter the food and then cause food or beverage metamorphic. If you transfer medicine with other hoses, it will have a bad effect on the medicine.

    Most important, it’s illegal to use other hoses to transfer food in food and beverage industry.

    1.Use the hose with in the range of pressure and temperature. You can use the hose higher than the standard pressure for a short time, but do not too long, for it will cause the hose aging.

    2.Hose will expand and shrink with the pressure rate, so you’d better make the hose a little longer than your actual need.

    3.Please use the hose above the minimum bending radius, or it will reduce the pressure resistance.

    4.When transfer powder or particle, you need to use the hose with a larger bending radius, because the powder and particle may damage to the inner hose if the bending radius is to small.

    5.Make the hose away from open fire.

    6.Don’t crush and step on the hose.

    You can use a food grade discharge hose or food grade suction hose to connect with your faucet. But make sure the hose pressure and diameter meets the faucet.

    You’d better not. We suggest you clean the hose before using it. Fill the hose with hot water but not too hot for 2 hours and repeat 2 or 3 times, and then you can use it.

    You can pull hard the silicone hose on both side. If the stretch area turns white, it could be normal silicone hose and if not, it is food grade silicone hose. In addition, if the stretch area turns white with terrible smell, it must be normal silicone hose.

    Compared with PVC hose, silicone is more biocompatible, meaning safe to use within the body or with food. That’s the reason why sensitive products, such as baby bottle nipples and spatulas, are best made from silicone

    It can be safely boiled to sterilize and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Certain strong smelling foods can permeate silicone, but this can be easily resolved by boiling in water. Silicone also doesn't warp or damage under prolonged exposure.

    1.Use the hoses within the temperature and pressure range

    2.Cut the hose a little longer than the exact length that you need because the house could be expanding and shrinking.

    3.When pressure, open the valve slowly to avoid internal impact.

    4.Use the hose above the bending radius, or it will reduce the pressure resistance.

    5.When transfer powder and particle, you’d better make the hose be straight because bend will cause internal abrasion.

    6.If the hose is close to metal instruments, make sure a large bending radius.

    7.Make the hose far away from open fire

    8.Don’t stamp and run over the hose