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UHMWPE Food Grade Hose

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UHMWPE Food Grade Hose

UHMWPE food grade hose is a special food hose pipe because it has an UHMWPE lining inside the tube. Such lining offers the hose great abrasion resistance which is 6 times of nylon and 4 times of PE. Thus it offers the food hose extremely long service life. Besides, UHMWPE offers great corrosion resistance. While this makes food pipe can transfer corrosive foods like alchol and hard liquor.

UHMWPE Food Grade Hose

Tube: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), food quality rubber

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord and helix wire

Cover: Blue, smooth (wrapped) finish, synthetic rubber, resistant to oil, weather and chemical

Optional Request: Standard F.D.A.Title21,177,2600

Temperature: -10℃ to 93℃ (-4℉ to +200℉)

Application: With ultra high molecular wight polyethylene lined tube, the FDA approved food hose is used to transfer all types of corrosive chemicals, medicine and food materials.

UHMWPE Food Grade Hose Specification

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