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PVC Flexible Ducting Hose

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PVC Flexible Ducting Hose

PVC duct hose can serve as material handing hose to deliver gas and solid materials like smoke and powder. Besides, it can serve as ventilation hose for air condition and ventilation system.

PVC Flexible Ducting Hose

Tube: Top grade of PVC

Reinforcement: Rigid PVC

Temperature: -10℃ to +65℃ (14℉ to +149℉)

Application: As suction and transport hose is suitable for the following substance: gaseous media such as vapors and smoke, liquid media, abrasive solids such as dusts, powders, chips and grains. It’s also an ideal ventilation hose for air conditioning and ventilation system.

PVC Flexible Ducting Hose has many advantages such as resist corrosive of harsh chemicals, oxidation caused by moisture and crush.

Plastic Duct Hose Pipe is made from rigid PVC and are ideal for a wide range of applications such as moving ambient air, abrasives transfer such as powders, chips, gravel, sand, cements, shavings, and smoke and vapour and bulk material collection. PVC Flexible Duct Hose is moveable, flexible and perfect for air circulation.

PVC Flexible Ducting Hose Features:

Extremely tearing resistant

Abrasion resistant

Smooth interior

Very flexible, light in weight

Extremely transparent

Could be resistant to UV if requested

Various sizes abd available

Conform to RoHS

PVC Flexible Ducting Hose Specification

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