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Mining Layflat Hose

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Mining Layflat Hose

Mining layflat hose is made from nitrile rubber. Thus it has excellent oil and corrosion resistance. Then it can perfectly deal with the corrosive mining fluid and slurry. Besides, flat type makes it easy to set and recycle.

Mining Layflat Hose

Tube: nitrile rubber
Reinforcement: polyester jacket
Cover: PU coat


1.Light in weight and soft
2.Wear and corrosion proof
3.Easy to set, to coil and to restore
4.High pressure proof



This type of layflat hose is specially designed for mining dewatering work. It’s to deliver water from the mines to a certain area. We know that the mineral water is abrasive with corrosive mineral oils. Thus the lining is nitrile rubber. As it has the best oil resistance among the rubber materials. Besides, it has great corrosion resistance. Thus it is the ideal choice for mining dewatering work. The reinforce is high strength polyester filament woven, which makes the hose strong and stretch proof. While the outer PU coat offers great wear and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the hose can work in the tough mining condition without any crack and other damages.

Mining Layflat Hose Application:

Such lay flat hose is one of the most important equipment for accident. While it’s for water discharge under the mineral well and deliver oil and other mediums. When the accident happens, you can quickly connect and set the hose to discharge the water. It can save much time for emergency. Besides, it’s the convenient choice for such situation. In another hand, the mining hose serves as a reserve under the well. When there is large volume of water in an area, the worker can quickly drain the water with it. Besides, it can replace the steel pipe to serve as the branch to discharge water. As it is more convenient and quick to use.

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