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PVC Gas Hose

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PVC Gas Hose

PVC gas hose acts as the gas stove connector between gas tank or other resources and stove. While the flex hose for gas stove is to deliver natural gas and LPG.

Gas Stove Hose Pipe Structure

Tube: Smooth PVC

Reinforce: High tensile polyester or cotton braid

Cover: Smooth or ribbed PVC cover, orange, black

Temperature: -10℃ to +60°C (14℉ to +140°F )

Application: Widely used to convey gas at low pressure, especially suitable for LPG stove in family.

Flexible Gas Hose For Stove is made from high quality PVC with high construction standards, making the hose durable. It’s used to deliver gas and liquid, especially suitable for domestic LPG transportation at low pressure. The flexible gas stove line is reinforced with spiral synthetic yarn and remains flexible in cold weather. Different colors are available.

Gas Range Hose Features:

Aging and weather resistant

Light weight, flexible, non-kinking, easy to handle

UV and ozone resistant, long working life

PVC Gas Hose Specification

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