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Snowmaking Hose

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Snowmaking Hose

Snow hose widely serves in ski resorts to create snow. Powered by several snow making machine, these snow hoses can create a huge area of ski area. It’s the necessary material in scenic areas.

Snowmaking Hose

Tube: PU/rubber
Reinforcement: woven filament polyester
Cover: woven filament polyester
Size: 1-1/2’’ to 2-1/2’’


High working pressure up to 40bar

Highly abrasion and low temperature proof

Oil and corrosion proof

Long service life over 5 years

Snow hose has a double-jacket structure. Thus it is more strong with higher pressure resistance. While the lining is high quality PU or rubber, but the PU lining is the most popular. The smooth inner tube helps reduce friction loss. Thus the water flow will be more effective. In addition, PU can work at a wide range of temperatures. While the low temperature resistance is more outstanding. Thus it remains flexible in cold weathers.Then it is ideal for snow making work without any freezing.

The snow hose is also a high pressure resistant hose. It can work at max 40bar without any crack or leak. With a 3 times safe factor, which means the burst pressure is 120 bar, it’s the effective and safe solution for snow making. Compared to other materials, snow making hose is quite light in weight. While it is 40% lighter than rubber lining with the same size and length. Then you can install and carry it easily. This also helps improve the work efficiency.

Snowmaking Hose Specification

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