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Heavy Duty PVC-NBR Layflat Hose

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Heavy Duty PVC-NBR Layflat Hose

Heavy duty PVC-NBR layflat hose has both the advantages of PVC hose and NBR hose. Thus it is flexible, light in weight and resistant to oil and corrosion.

Heavy Duty PVC-NBR Layflat Hose

Tube and cover: extruded thermoplastic polyester

Reinforcement: circular woven filament polyester yarn based on PVC and NBR.

The hose has a special structure. The general hoses have a polyester cover and a lining. But this type of hose has a thermoplastic polyester tube and cover. While the reinforce is he blend of PVC and NBR. Thus the hose has both the advantages of PVC and NBR. Therefore, the hose is light in weight, flexible, soft, oil resistant and easy to use.

Heavy Duty Layflat Hose Application:

Such lay flat hose is mainly for industry, agriculture and mining use. In industry, it is ideal for water discharge work, frac water transfer and water supply. Besides, you can use it to transfer oil and chemical. While in agriculture, it’s mainly to supply water for irrigation. It can also deliver manure and fertilizer from a long distance to the farmland. While in mining, it’s to discharge the slurry and wasted water.

Heavy Duty Layflat Hose Advantages:

  1. The inner layer can effectively prevent the leakage as well as the moisture in the air.
  2. It has great abrasion and impact resistance. Thus it has a long service life.
  3. Such layflat hose is very flexible. So that you can easily fold and transfer it to the working site.
  4. Heavy duty layflat hose is anti aging. It can work at any weather and temperature conditions with steady performance.

Heavy Duty PVC-NBR Layflat Hose Specification

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