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Fire Hose

Orientflex offers you various kinds of fire hose which can be used for building fire fighting, forestry fire fighting and wild fire fire fighting. Besides, all of them are flame retardant with great abrasion resistance and long service life.

Fire Hose

Fire is always a serious problem for human being. Every year, thousands of fire happens and millins of people suffer from that. Therefore, fire fighting is significant for a safe life. Now, each sity has a fire fighting agent. While the fire fighter has various fire fighting equipment like fire truck and fire hose. The fire fighting hose is really important. Because it should not only put out the fire, but also to protect the fire fighter.

Fire hose has various types. In general, it can be 2 main types that are single jacket fire hose and double jacket fire hose. Fire fighting hose has a polyester cover and a lining. While the jacket is just the polyester cover. While double jacket hose means the fire fighter water hose has 2 layers of polyester. While this makes it has better abrasion resistance. As for the lining, it can be PVC, PU and rubber. Among them, PU lining fire hose is the best. Because it has much better abrasion and corrosion resistance.

tpu layflat hose

TPU Layflat Hose

TPU layflat hose has excellent abrasion resistance. You can even drag it on the ground and there will not be any damage. It’s ideal for water supply from long distance.

single jacket hose

Single Jacket Fire Hose

Single jacket means such attack fire hose has single layer of polyester. But the lining can be different like PVC, rubber, PU, etc. It’s ideal for general fire fighting.

double jacket fire hose

Double Jacket Fire Hose

Double jacket fire hose has two layers of polyester. Thus compared to single jacket hose, it has much better abrasion resistance. Thus it is ideal for heavy duty use.

forestry fire hose

Forestry Fire Hose

Forestry fire hose is specially designed for wild fire fighting, especially in the montain area. Forestry hose is light in weight and  easy to use.

nitrile layflat hose

PVC-NBR Layflat Hose

Such fire hose has a speicla structure. The inner tube is thermoplastic, while the reinforce is the blend of PVC and NBR. Thus it has certain oil resistance.

Because of the different fire situation, there are a variety of fire hoses like high pressure fire hose, drainage hose, water supply hose, forestry fire hose, marine hose, etc. Besides the fire fighter water hose itself, the fire hose nozzles and fire hose coupling are also important. Orientflex offers you all kinds of fire hose connectors like brass fire hose nozzles, camlock, Storz, dividing breeching, etc. While these fittings can assist the fire fighter to deal with complex fire conditions.

Features Of Fire Hose

fire fighting hose
  • High pressure resistant
  • Extremely flexible and light in weight
  • Flame retardant without leakage
  • Abrasion resistant and durable
  • Smooth inner wall with low resistance
  • Long service life
  • Easy to connect to truck or another hose
  • Can transfer water from a long distance
  • Various types are available
  • Various connectors are available

Why Orientflex Is Your Unique Fire Hose Supplier

  • We have over 10 year’s experience in fire hose producing and exporting
  • Various of certificates like ISO meet all your requirements
  • Different types of fire hoses are ideal for various fire conditions
  • One-stop service makes you can get both the fire hoses and nozzles
  • Special OEM and ODM service make you can get the special hose that you want
  • Strong supply capacity (90 containers/month)
  • Professional technical and sales teams offer you the best solution
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Fire Hose Application

rubber fire hose
lay flat fire hose
firefighting hose

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