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Steam Hose

Orientflex offers you two types of such flexible rubber hose. One is the general grade flexible steam hose which can bear 170℃. While the other one is high temperature  hose which can work at 230℃. Both of them are made from high temperature and weather resistant EPDM. Besides, they are made based on strict international standard. Besides the flexible hose, we can also offer you steam hose fittings. Contact us now and get more details.

High Pressure Steam Hose

Tube: EPDM

Reinforcement: High tensile wire braid

Cover: Red or blue, pin pricked smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM

Temperature: -30℃ to +230℃ (-22℉ to +446℉)

Application: The hose steam is used to transfer saturated steam in chemical industry, petroleum industry and shipbuilding industry.

EPDM Steam Tubing is to transfer steam for processing products and equipment cleaning. Our flexible high pressure steam hose consists of an EPDM tube and steel wire braiding reinforcement with a 10:1 safety factor.

The EPDM cover provides external protection, high internal pressure resistance and helps eliminate static charges. This high quality hose is rated for up to 250 psi working pressure and built for saturated and super heated steam. The hose is used in the chemical and petroleum industry, industrial cleaning equipment, ship building, lumber and pulp processing.

Industrial Steam Hose Features:

Excellent high temperature resistance

Weather and ozoen resistant

High abrasion resistant cover

Anti aging, long service life

High strength steel wire braided reinforcement makes the hose durable

Maintain flexible in high temperature conditions

Steam Hose Coupling

Female Steam Coupling

Applications: Female BSPP – Hose Tail Steam Coupling, Also available in NPT Thread

Material: Steel/Malleable Iron

EPDM Steam Hose 170℃

EPDM Steam Hose 230℃

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