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Spiral Guard

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Spiral Guard

Spiral guard is a kind of hydraulic hose protectors which is made of polypropylene. It can effectively protect the hydraulic hose from the external impact and friction. Then such hose wrap can prolong the service life of hydraulic hoses.

Spiral Guard

Materials: polypropylene

Temperature: -50℃ to +80℃ (short time to 100℃)

Application: spiral hydraulic hose wrap is widely used on excavator, loader, forklift, road roller, etc. Besides, spiral hose guard widely serves in automotive, mining, hydrualic and many other industries.

The special structure of spiral guard makes it have high tensile strength and good elasticity. Then it can effectively wrap the hydraulic hose and protect it.

In some harsh working conditions, the hydraulic hose may wear with other objects. While in some cases, hydraulic hose may get the impact from enternal force. On these occasions, a spiral guard wrap can effectively protect the hydraulic hose from these effects. What’s more, it can protect the hose from the effect of ozone, UV and static.

Advantages of Spiral Guard

The plastic spiral hose protector with different colors can not only makes your hose looks more beautiful, but also prolong its service life. According to the test, a hydraulic hose with a spiral hydraulic hose protector can serve 3 more years.

Compared to traditional spring sleeve, spiral hose protector is more easier to install. Besides, the abrasion resistance is more better. In addition, it has great aging and corrosion resistance.


Spiral Guard Specification

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