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Layflat Hose

Orientflex offers you the most cost-effective layflat hose which is made according to the international standards. With high performance and factory price, Orientflex hose will offer you the best solution for fluid.

Layflat Hose for Sale

Lay flat pipe is a flat pipe as the name shows. But when fill the water, lay flat hose will become a round shape. Flat hose is is one of the most used tools for water transfer. While you can see it almost everywhere. In fact, the hose layflat is a series of flat hose pipe. While each of the lay flat hose is ideal for special use.

PVC layflat hose

PVC Layflat Hose

PVC lay flat hose is the most common used water discharge hose in our daily life. It is ideal for agriculture, construction, hydrualic project and many others.

double layer layflat hose

Double PVC Layflat Hose

This kind of lay flat pipe is connected to the pump or other equipment for irrigation. It’s also ideal for water transfer and discharge work in both civil and industrial applications.

large diameter layflat hose

Large Diameter Layflat Hose

Large diameter hose generally refers to the hose which is large than 4”. LDH hose has the ability to transfer large volume of water. Thus it is ideal for huge project.

tpu layflat hose

TPU Layflat Hose

TPU hose is made from high quality thermoplastic polyurethane. Thus it has excllent abrasion resistance. You can drag it on the ground.

pe layflat hose

PE Layflat Hose

PE layflat hose widely serves in agriculture, construction, fire fighting, petroleum, chemical industry and mining. While it is mainly to transfer water.

nitrile layflat hose

PVC-NBR Layflat Hose

The inner tube for such flat hose is thermoplastic. While the reinforce is the blend of PVC and NBR. Thus this flat hose has certain oil resistance.

manure drag hose

Drag Hose

Drag hose is made from abrasion resistant TPU. Thus you can drag it on the ground without worrying about the damage. It main serves in agriculture to deliver manure.

drag hose

Manure Dragline

Manure dragline includes 2 parts. One is the manure delivery hose and the other one is the drag hose. Both of them are abrasion resistant and durable.

lay flat pipe for irrigation

PVC Agriculture Discharge Hose

Such water discharge hose is made from high quality PVC raw material. But there is no reinforce layer inside. Thus it is only for light duty use in agriculture.

single jacket hose

Single Jacket Fire Hose

Single jacket hose means there is one layer of polyester fibre in the hose. But the lining can be different including PVC, PU and rubber.

double jacket fire hose

Double Jacket Fire Hose

Double jacket hose means it has two layers of polyester fibre. Thus compare to single jacke fire hose, it is more abrasion resistant and durable.

forestry fire hose

Forestry Fire Hose

Forestry hose, as the name shows, is mainly for the fire fighting work in forest. It can transfer water from a long distance where is far from the fire site.

mining lay flat hose

Mining Layflat Hose

Mining layflat hose mainly serves in mine and quarry. While it is to transfer mining slurry and wasted water. Thus it is a heavy duty hose with great abrasion resistant.

snow making layflat hose

Snowmaking Hose

Snowmaking hose mainly serves in ski resort to make snow. It has a double-layer structure for a better pressure resistance. Besides, it can work at low temperature.

Lay flat pipe is a flat pipe as the name shows. But when fill the water, lay flat hose will become a round shape. Flat hose is is one of the most used tools for water transfer. While you can see it almost everywhere. In fact, the hose layflat is a series of flat hose pipe. While each of the lay flat hose is ideal for special use.

Based on material, there are PVC layflat hose, TPU lay flat hose and rubber lay flat hose. PVC discharge hose is mainly for water transfer in light duty industries. While TPU hose is ideal for heavy duty applications because it has excellent abrasion resistance. For example, it can serve as the drag hose in agriculture. While lay flat rubber hose mostly serves in heavy duty applications which has harsh work conditions. For example, fire fighting.

As for the application, it can be water discharge hose, attack hose, forestry hose, fire hose, manure hose and snowmaking hose. Among them, the fire fighting is the most important use. For a fire fighter, the fire fighting hose is the last line of defense. Then we can say it is another protective equipment for fire fighters. Thus the quality of firefighter hose not only concerns if we can put out the fire, but also concerns the safety of fire fighter. Therefore, the quality of a flat fire hose becomes extremely important.

Orientflex offers you both the fire hose and fire hose connectors. Besides, our fire fighter water hose can work at high temperatures with high and steady performance. In the simulation of a fire, our fire hoses and nozzles stand the test of an extremely high temperature. While it effectively put out the fire without any damage.

With different types of fire hose nozzles and fire hose coupling, you can adjust the water speed and spray methods. Then you can deal with every kinds of fires.

Product Details

PVC Layflat Hose
Lay Flat Hose
blue layflat hose

How Orientflex Controls The Quality Of Water Discharge Hose

  • Import the top grade raw material from Germany and Japan
  • Introduce the advanced production equipment from Italy
  • Supported by Korea and Italy technology
  • Constantly improve the formula
  • Set up complete quantiy control system
  • Set up professional and reliable quality inspection team
  • Own over 150 professional and advanced engineer
  • Set up advanced lab with advanced testing machinery
  • Support the third party test







Features Of Layflat Hose

latflat hose application
  • High pressure resistant
  • Light in weight and flexible
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Weather and ozone resistant
  • High temperature resistant
  • Flame retardent
  • Abrasion resistant and extremely durable
  • Long service life
  • Any colors, sizes and prients can be customized
  • Various types are available
  • Ideal for all the fluid transfer application

Why Orientflex Is Your Unique Layflat Hose Supplier

  • Produce the lay flat hose with top grade raw material
  • Advanced production equipment bring you the best lay flat pipe
  • Various production standard meet all of your requirement
  • Different types of flat hose pipe covers all the industries
  • One-stop service make you can get the flat discharge hose and fire hose coupling
  • Strong supply capacity (90 containers/month)
  • Professional technical and sales team offer you the best solution
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