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High Temperature Ducting Hose

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High Temperature Ducting Hose

High temperature ducting hose  is made from glass fibre with silicone coating. Besides, there are iron rings outside the fabric. Such air duct hose can bear extremely high temperature up to 400℃. Orientflex offers you special high temp duct hose which can withstand max 800℃.

High Temperature Ducting Hose

Tube: Silicon coated glass fiber fabric

Clamped profile: Zinc plated steel slice

Temperature: -60℃ to +400℃ (-76℉ to +752℉)

Application: Used for suction of high temperature air, vapors and smoke on engine, dryer, auto, aerospace, shipbuilding, factory and military as bellow and compensator.

High Temp Duct Hose is made from double-ply silicone coated fiberglass fabric, making the hose extremely flexible and wear resistant. It will not be damaged when being dragged on the ground.

Flame Retardant high temp flexible duct hose is a high tempperature duct and the working temperature of which could be 400°C and shortly up to 450 °C.

High Temperature Ducting Hose Features

Very good resistance to high temperature up to 400℃

Highly flexible and compressible

Against crushing

Firm clamping structure

Good pressure resistance

Good chemical resistance

Small bending radius

Flame retardant

Kink proof

Light in weight


Inner Diameter: 2″-24″

Length: 10m/roll

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