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About US

Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd is established in 2010. After 14 year’s development, we become a group company and change the name to Hebei Orient ADMA Tech Group Co., Ltd. Orientflex is a powerful company integrating research, develop and export flexible hoses and relevant fittings. Since set up, we always devote ourselves to offer you the most cost-effective hoses. For such purpose, we set up dozens of production line with professional engineer team and quality control team. Besides the quality, service is the other point that we always focus on. We have professional sales team and order tracking team to offer you the products and logistic solution.

As for the products, we offer you PVC hose, rubber hose, silicone hose, hydraulic hose, drilling hose, marine hose, etc. In a word, our hoses cover garden, agriculture, industry, mining, drilling, automobile and many other industries.

Because of the high quality and competitive price, Orientflex hoses have been exported to over 130 countries. While those include America, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, British, France and many others. Orientflex will always insist the win-win principle and offer you the best fluid solution.

Mission: Cost-effective Chinese Hose Serve The Word

Since set up in 2010, Orientflex aims at offering you the cost-effective hose products. Besides, we try our best to export our products to the whole world. As a Chinese company, we have the responsibility to make Chinese brand famous in the world. Thus we make every efforts to make more and and more people in the world use Chinese hose.

Vision: To Be The Global One-stop Supplier Of Flexible Hose And Coupling

Orientflex offers you the most complete hose series including PVC hose, rubber hose, silicone hose and hudraulic hose. Besides, we offer you special one-stop service. While that means you can also get the relevant hose fittings and couplings here from Orientflex. This helps you save much money and time cost. We aim at being the the top supplier of flexible hose and couplings in the worldwide.

Orientflex Value

A Win-Win Situation

Orientflex commits to achieving a win-win situation among the client, staff, company and supplier. Only a win-win situation among these 4 parties can achieve the common development.

Welcome The Changes With The Trends

The environment for trade is fickle. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. But we can decide what we should prepare to welcome tomorrow. Orientflex always prepares more and go with the trends.

Review And Make Sustained Progress

Each department of Orientflex will held review meating every week. We analyze what are the weakness in the last week and what should do to improve those. Then we can make great progress.

Good Steps Make A Good Ending

A good result is determined by the good steps. If each step is good enough, the result has no reason to be bad. Orientflex always insists making every single step perfect.

Best Solutions And Create Value

Orientflex always focus on your success and offers you the best solution. Your success is also our success. We will always support you and create more value for you.

Lifelong Learning And Developing

Orientflex devote itself to develop professor in foreign trade industry. Thus it regularly organizes online and offline training. For such purpose, it puts a study App online.

Orientflex Development History

In 2023, Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd change the name to Hebei Orient ADMA Tech Group Co., Ltd. And we officially become a group company.

Meanwhile, we begain to receive the client visiting offline.

In the same year, our Zhengding Base is officially put into use.

In 2022: we become the SKA supplier of Alibaba. We set up business center and research & develop base covering 3600 m2. The monthly supply ability is over 100 containers.

In the same year, we signed the agreement with Shijiazhuang University as the “employment base”.

In 2021: we still suffered from the Covid-19. Worse more, the prices of freight and raw material rose sharply. But we still achieved a 25% increase on such occasions. Besides, our sales team expanded to over 30 persons and the monthly supply ability reach 90ed containers. With the constant strong of middle-level mainstay, we participated in many studies and trains outside to improve their management ability. In the meantime, we set up the Orient Commercial College offline.

In 2020: we conquered the difficulties caused by Covid-19 and achieved a 38% increase of annual sales. The monthly supply ability achieved 70 containers. In the meantime, we drew up the third five-year plan. We planed to recruit excellent members with high quality like postgraduates and abroad students.

In the same time, we won the “Hebei Cross Border E-Commerce Demonstration Enterprise” issued by Hebei Provincial Department Of Commerce.

In 2019: Attended over 12 domestic and foreign exhibitions. We set the Latin America office in Chile and Orientflex became a brand with international influence. We paid attention to the social responsibility and contribution and began to cooperate with universities to develop talents. We also focused on the all-life-long study and constant development, so we set up the Commercial College within our company.

In the fifth “Hundred Regiments”, we won “The Best Team” award for the first time. In the same time, we were awarded the “Excellent Director” issued by Hebei Chamber Of E-Commerce.

In 2018: the sales team had 25 persons and formed the prototype of marketing center. We attended over 10 foreign exhibitions and the monthly supply ability reached 40 containers.

In April, Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd obtained the quality management system certificate: GB/I9001-2016/ISO

In 2017: we participated in the Canton Fair Special Equipment Exhibition for the first time. We also took part om 6 foreign exhibitions. The human resource and administration departments was established.

Besides, we won the “Hebei Cross Border E-Commerce Demonstration Enterprise”

In the same year, we became the “Cross Border E-Commerce Demonstration Base” of Alibaba journey of dreams.

In 2016: the sales team developed to over 20 persons, the marketing department expanded as well. We added quality control department and the monthly supply ability was 25 containers.

In August, we obtained the “Audited Supplier” of Made In China.

In the same year, we took part in the “Hundred Regiments” organized by Hebei Chamber Of E-commerce for the second time.

In 2015: completed the company structure and established purchasing department, document department and marketing department. We set up the second Ali B2B international platform and our team grew to 18 persons.

In the same year, we took part in the first “Hundred Regiments” organized by Hebei Chamber Of E-Commerce.

In 2014: we relocated to Yihong Building, while the sales team expanded to 15 persons.

In the same year, we were awarded as the “Credible Enterprise” of Business Credit Investigation.

In 2013: Hebei Orient expanded the business and purchased a new office. It was also the first time that we participate in the foreign exhibition.

In 2012: we ttended the Canton Fair for the first time and received good reputation from clients.

In 2011, we set up a 5-person team and put Ali B2B international platform online. Office covers 120 m2.

In 2010, Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd was found, focusing on the research & development and exportation of rubber & PVC hoses.

Business Around The World

Since set up in 2010, we have exported our hoses to more than 130 countries all around the 5 continents. While the countries are as follow:

Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, indonesia, Singapore, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Europe: Russia, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark, Switherland, Norway, etc.

North America: Canada, America, Mexico

Lartin America: Banama, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, etc

Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Ghana, Madagascar, etc.

7 Systems

Supply System

Orientflex strictly control the supplier of raw material. That means we always purchase the top grade raw material. That’s also the guarantee of our high quality hose products.

Besides the high cost-effective hoses, we offer you the detailed product structure together with the comparation of each part. Then we will show you what‘s the different between different materials. What’s more,  we will show you the function of each part and how its quality affect the property of the hose.

In addition, we will offer you the test report, test content and test standard. All of them will be supplied by the combination of image and text.

Production Management System

We own over 100 senior engineers and we have complete and strict management policy. Then we can control the employ and production cost. We constantly complete the structure of our production management department like the staff and their experience.

Besides, we can effectively control the questions during production test in clude test purpose, test content and test standard.

During the execution of your order, we will offer you the pictures and videos about each production process. We will also show you the production and test equipment.

Package System

For different hoses, we will pack them with different package material and package method. The package materials can be film, woven bag, box, pallet, etc. While the package methods can be coiled or non coiled.

Besides, we can offer you custom packages. Thus you can ask for special package that you want. What’s more, we can design package types and prints for you.

What’s more, we will test it after the package. For example, we will check if the package will break and if the inner hose product will be effected by falling and crushing.

Storage System

Orientflex set up modern storage house for our raw materials and hose products. And they are stored in different district. For example, we have assembly warehouse, product warehouse, semi-finished warehouse and fitting warehouse.

Hoses have high requirement to the storage enviroment. Because a bad condition will affect the property of hoses. For example, over heat or ozone environment will cause the hose age. Then it will reduce the lifespan.

We set up constant temperature warehouse which is around 20℃. Besides, there are not heat resource, ozone and sharp things in the house.

Quality Control System

Orientflex control the quality of our hoses from every process. Raw material directly determins the quality and property of hose. Thus we import the top grade raw material from Germany and Japan to control the quality from the resource.

Then we introduce advanced production equipment from Italy and Germany to keep a high quality in the production process.

What’s more, we set up professional quality control team which takes charge to the quality test and report.

Test Before Delivery System

We Orientflex carries out complete regulations for the test before delivery. Besides, we make clear the test content, test method and test standard. No matter which kind of hose, you can get a test report before delivery.

What’s more, we support the third party test. You can ask a third party at home and abroad to test our hoses before delivery.

After-sale Sevice System

Orientflex offers complete after-sale service such as the installation of hoses, the correct use method and how to maintain to have a long service life. Besides, we will offer you a period of quality guarantee. If our hose has any problem during the period, we will change a new one for free.

In addition, if you have any question after receiving the products, please just send us. We will answer you within 2 hours and help you solve such problem within one day.

Strong Sense Of Social Responsbility

Besides daily production and exportation work, Orientflex often take part in public benefit activvities. For example, in 2016, a serious flood attacked Hebei province. Thousands of people suffered from that and hundreds of houses was washed away. After that happened, Orientflex donated to the Red Cross Society to help people rebuild their house. Because of the positive participating, we obtained the “Positive Contribution Award” issued by Hebei Chamber Of E-Commerce.

Collective Activities

Besides the production and operating and the daily work, Orientflex regularly organizes offline collective activities to enrich the spare time. We held party every month to celebrate the birthday of our staff. Besides, there will be fun games and delicious snacks. Of course, birthday part can not go without the cake.

In addition to chamber party, we regularly held outdoor team building activities. Through that, we improve the cooperation with our teammates and among the departments.

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