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PU Duct Hose

PU ducting adopts high quality PU as raw material which has excellent abrasion resistant. With the support of steel wire, it has a strong structure for material handling. It’s ideal for the suction and delivery work for abrasive materials like sand, grit and many others. Orientflex can insert copper wire inside the polyurethane duting to conduct the static during the material handling work.

PU Duct Hose

Materials: Abrasion and flame resistant PU

Reinforcement: Copper coated spring steel wire

Temperature: -40℃ to +90℃ (short time to 125℃)

Application: Woodworking/furniture industries, abrasion resistance, agriculture, chemical fumes, room clean, cold air supply, dust collection, fume exhaust, landfill venting, lawn & leaf collection

PU Flexible Ducting Hose is a flexible and lightweight hose made for air, dust and light material movement, fume control, and dust collection.

Its polyurethane wall and spring steel wire helix reinforcement offer the Ducting Polyurethane excellent compressible, abrasion and chemical resistance. Thin wall makes the hose have excellent compression rate to 4:1

Polyurethane ducting hose has excellent sliding and impact abrasion, fuels, oils, grease and solvents resistance.

Transaprent tube makes you can clearly see if there is clog in the hose. The working pressure of PU Ducting Hoses is from -40℃ to +125℃.

PU Duct Hose Features

Great abrasion resistant

Great compressibility

High tensile, burst strength and tearing resistant

Conduct static by grounding the steel wire

Super chemical resistant

Extremely flexible and compressible

Efficient flow characteristics

Different wall thicknesses are available

PU Duct Hose Specification

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