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Nylon Sleeve

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Nylon Sleeve

Nylon sleeve is made from high quality PA. While the function of such hose sleeve is to protect the hydraulic hose and the cable from abrasion. Besides, it can also serve as a sealing equipment to prevent leakage and corrosion.

Nylon Sleeve

Materials: hign tenacity nylon

Temperature: -50℃ to +190℃ 

Features of nylon cable warp:

Highly abrasion resistant

Corrosion resistant

Heat resistant

Main functions of Nylon Sleeving

First, nylon hose sleeve can protect the hydraulic hose and cable from physical damage. In any industries, you need to protect your hose and cable from afriction, extrution, impact and other kinds of physical damage.

Second, nylon cable sleeve can prevent the hose, wire and cable from chemical corrosion. In some special work environments, like chemical industry or power plant, there may be corrosive substance. While if these corrosives contact the hose and cable, they will cause serious damage. And they may destroy the hose and cable. Then this cause serious production accident. But with with a nolon protective sleeve, you can effectively avoid such problem.

Third, nylon cable warp can provide heat isolation. In some cases, the hose or cables will be used in high temperature environments. But this will cause the rubber degrade. Then it will cause them aging and reduce their lifespan. On such occasion, a braided nylon sleeving can effectively isolate the heat and protect the hose from high temperature.

Last, nylon braided cable sleeve can reduce the noise and shock. During the production, the machines running and will cause huge noise and shock. But you can greatly reduce these with a nylon protection sleeve.

Nylon Sleeve Application:

Power industry: nylon hose protector in power industry can protect all kinds of wires and cable from abrasion and heat. Besides, it plays an important part in power plant, substation, grid, etc.

Petrifaction: nylon hose sleeve can protect the pipelines and other equipment. While it can protect them from friction, static, chemical corrosion and fire.

Transportation: such hose protector can protect the conduit and brake system of train, car, truck, etc.


Nylon Sleeve Specification

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