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EPDM Radiator Hose

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EPDM Radiator Hose

Radiator hose connects the radiator and the engine. While it is to deliver coolant to the engine to prevent over-high temperature. Orientflex offers you different kinds of coolant hose like silicone radiator hose and rubber radiator hose. Besides, we can offer you custom radiator hoses. In addition, special one-stop service makes you can also get the radiator hose couplings and coolant hose fittings. What’s more, we can offer you the engine coolant hose for all the car brands. For example, BMW coolant hose.

EPDM Radiator Hose

Tube: Black EPDM

Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord

Cover: Black EPDM; heat, abrasion and ozone resistant

Temperature: -40℃ to +121℃ (-40℉ to +250℉)

Application: Radiator Hose Pipes are designed for a wide range of light and heavy duty truck applications.

Radiator Hose are made from the best quality EPDM with polyester or aramid reinforcement for optimal performance in the hood conditions. EPDM hoses are ideal for air or coolant, but the most important is to be used as engine hose.

Flexible radiator pipes are made from EPDM with a knitted reinforcement. EPDM radiator tube offers high strength and resist ozone and other detrimental environmental elements and coolants.

EPDM Radiator Hose Features

Abrasion, weather and ozone resistant

It is flexible, light in weight, anti-bending and less distortion

EPDM Radiator Hose Specification

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