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Manure Dragline

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Manure Dragline

The fertigation system consists of 8 parts. They are mixer, special pump for manure, deliver hose, drag hose, hose position controller, manure distributor, hose reel and specialized joint. While such system is to deliver the manure from an oxidation pond to the farm in a long distance with high efficiency. The manure flows through the pump, deliver hose and drag hose. Finally it returns to the farm through the manure distributor which hangs on the tractor.

Manure Dragline


A manure delivery system and a manure dragline system.


Durable and wear resistant

High effeciency

High manure utilization rate

Can deliver from long distance 

Advantages of fertigation system:

  1. Compared with tank truck, such manure distribute system has a low cost. In the meantime, it is fast with a high efficiency. Besides, it will not cause compaction problem to the soil. Thus the system is ideal for the fertilize work in any distance.
  2. With such a manure distribute system, the fertilizer utilization is really high. As the manure directly transferred from the pond to the farm. While the manure will not expose to the air. Then there was almost no volatilization of ammonia and nitrogen. Thus all the manure can be into the farm.
  3. It’s ideal for the manure returns into field in base fertilizer period and young crop after manuring period. It can also fertilizer with a certain volume and accuracy.
  4. Such fertigation system can work together with high chassis tractors. Thus it can fertilize the high crops.

Manure Dragline Deliver hose:

The hose is ideal for the liquid manure returning to field work in dairy, chicken farm and many other farms. The deliver hose connects to the pump and deliver the liquid manure to the farm in a long distance. There are 2 types of such hose, one is NBR hose while the other one is PU hose.

Deliver Hose Features:

  1. Abrasion and corrosion resistant
  2. High working pressure over 14 bar
  3. Easy to coil and transfer
  4. Standard length 100m and 200m. But other lengths are available

Manure Dragline:

The drag hose is the central part of the fertigation system. After pumping the manure from the dairy or other farms, the manure goes through the drag hose. Then the tractor drag the drag hose and distribute the manure with a distributor. Drag hose can work at any farm conditions, even there are stone and straw.

Drag Hose Features:

  1. Abrasion and mechanical impact resistant
  2. High adhesion which is larger than 160N/25mm
  3. High tensile strength
  4. Standard length 100m and 200m. But other lengths are available

Deliver Hose

Drag Hose

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