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Double Jacket Fire Hose

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Double Jacket Fire Hose

Double Jacket Layflat Fire Hose is tough and ready for action. But it is very light in weight. The layflat hose has a smooth inner lining. Thus it provides the user with max flow with min friction loss.

Double Jacket Fire Hose

Lining: PVC/rubber/PU

Cover: Double polyester jacket

Tightly woven virgin spun polyester outer jacket is to assure extra wear proof. A super strong filament polyester inner jacket is for greater pressure property and reduce moisture absorption. The hose can bear most chemicals, petrol products, ozone, UV exposure as well as rot and mildew. The fire hose is ideal for fire-fighting, ship, petrol, chemical and mine. But it is the best choice for fire fighting hose.

Double Jacket Fire Hose Applications:

Double layer fire hose is ideal for fire fighting and other emergency to deliver high-pressure water to control and handle the fire. General usages are as follow:

Structure fire fighting
Double layer fire hoses are commonly used in structural fire fighting to deliver water to the flames or control the fire in a limited space. Then the fire will not spread.

Wild fire prevent
When there was a wild fire, you can create a wet area in the wild. Then the fire can’t spread.

Factory fire fighting
In steel or refine factory, there will be lots of fire risks. Thus the double jacket fire hose will be an ideal material.

Firefighters may use double layer fire hoses in emergency, such as flood. It can control the flow of water and protect people and property. Besides, when there was gas leakage or water resource pollution, the hose will be useful. Because in that case, the water will be toxic. Then the hose will be used to deliver portable water to human.

The hose widely serves in irrigation. Because it can deliver large volume water from long distance. It’s specially ideal for heavy duty and dry places.

When choose a fire hose, you should consider these factors. First, choose the right size. Before purchase new hose, know the size of the truck well. Then choose a proper one that fits it. Second, choose the proper fittings. With various connectors, you can achieve several purpose. For example, you can achieve high pressure water flow and a water curtain. Last, a reliable supplier. Always buy the hose from famous brand like Orientflex. Because only that you can buy a high quality hose.

Double Jacket Fire Hose Features:

Resistant to abrasion, ozone, high and low temperature

Long service life.

Working pressure: 10bar, 13bar, 16bar, 20bar, 25bar.

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