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Twin Welding Hose

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Twin Welding Hose

Twin hose oxygen acetylene consists of an oxygen hose and an acetylene hose. Then these two hoses adhere with each other. Because this can effectively avoid the oxygen hose and acetylene hose cross with each other. Orientflex twin welding hose will not separate with each other because of the strong adhension. Besides, our hose is resistant to aging and weather. Thus it can serve at outdoors for long terms.

Twin Welding Hose

Tube: Black, smooth, synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic yarn braid

Cover: Blue, green, red, smooth, synthetic rubber

Temperature: -32℃ to 80℃ (-90℉ to +176℉)

Application: Designed for welding, cutting and relevant processes. Specific welding hose is for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon and fuel gases including acetylene, natural gas, methane and propane.

Twin Welding Hose is a premium welding hose. Blue hose is for oxygen while red hose is for acetylene. The hose consists of heat resistant EPDM tube and cover and 2 spiral polyester yarn reinforcement. twin hose oxygen acetylene is more flexible, easier to coil and handle than braid reinforced hose. Coiled coupled assemblies are available in 25 and 50 foot.

Hose oxygen acetylene can be used for most of current fuel gases including acetylene, propane and MAPP gas.

Twin Welding Hose Features

Abrasion resistant

Weather and ozone resistant

Flexible, light in weight, less distortion

Twin Welding Hose Specification

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