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Cotton Braided Spray Hose

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Contton Braided Spray Hose

Compare with normal spray hose, cotton braided spray hose is more durable with higher pressure resistance. Because the cotton braid reinforce layer is more strong than the general fibre. 

Cotton Braided Spray Hose

Tube: PVC, mooth

Reinforce: High tensile cotton fibre braid

Cover: PVC, smooth or ribbed

Temperature: -10℃ to +65℃ ( 14˚F to 150˚F)

Application: Widely used in air compressor, high pressure washer and pneumatic tools. It is also ideal for civil construction and paint works, rock drilling machine, jackhammer and so on. In agriculture, the high pressure pvc cotton braided spray hose is used for spraying of pesticide, fungicide and fertilizer solution.

Highly Dense Cotton Braided Herbicide Spray Hose is also called PVC fiber hose. Cotton braided hose is made from high toughness PVC and reinforced with strengthen cotton. It’s light in weight, flexible, elastic, portable and has excellent adaptability. AG spray hose is resistant to acid, alkali and UV with long service life. Which is an ideal hose designed to transfer in industrial application.

Besides, such agriculture spra hose has been used in new applications like fracking industry. It is extremely popular for moving water in and out of retention ponds. This hose will withstand high transfer pressures.

Cotton Spray Hose Features:

Max working pressure is 60bar

High adhesive strength between pvc and cotton fibre, no peeling

Lightweight, flexilbe and will not kink

Aging and UV resistant, long working life more than 5 years

Abrasion and corrosion resistant

Cotton Braided Spray Hose Specification


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